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Today's Recordings
1.19.2021 5:00 PM

At the Jeffersonville recording studio, we are recording the Spanish translation of 63-0123 Identification. At the Durban recording studio, we are recording the Afrikaans translations of 54-0803 Jairus and 54-0804 Simeon. And the Setswana translation of 57-0908M Hebrews,Chapter Five and Six #1

New Creations Videos
1.19.2021 10:00 AM

Check out the new and exciting Creations video series on Brother Branham's mountains! Click here to watch the first lesson on Hurricane Mountain!

Creations Tutorials
1.19.2021 7:00 AM

Creations is continuing to post tutorials from their past projects! Up just now is a craft tutorial for, “Acts 2:38 Coaster” and woodshop, “Quiet Time Chair.”  Go to the Creations website to check them out!

Today's Recordings
1.18.2021 9:30 AM

Recently at the Durban, South Africa recording studio, the following translated sermons were recorded:

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54-0824 Jesus Christ The Same Yesterday, Today, And Forever
54-0814 The Unconditional Covenant Made With The People
54-0813 Jesus Christ The Same Yesterday, Today, And Forever

57-0825e Hebrews, Chapter Two 2
57-0901m Hebrews, Chapter Three
57-0915m Hebrews, Chapter Six 3

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The devil was reasoning in my mind, but I said “No!”.


This is going to be the greatest winter of our lives.


It made him so happy, as he could see how much the Lord loves him.


Our Agapao Tablets distribution has left a mark in the hearts of many believers that attended our services, and received their Tablets.





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All that what Christ will do at the end will be revealed to us this week, in the Seven Seals, if God will let us. See? All right. It will be revealed. And revealed, as the Seals break and are released to us, then we can see what this great plan of redemption is, and when and how it’s going to be done.

63-0317E - The Breach Between The Seven Church Ages And The Seven Seals - Rev William Branham

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