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Vacation Schedule
7.15.2019 7:00 AM

VGR is closed for summer break. Normal business hours will resume on Monday, July 29. On the Good News section of this website, we will be posting articles from our archives that have received some of the most feedback over the past few years. 

This Week's Recordings
7.12.2019 5:00 PM

We recorded 7 sermon translations at our recording studios this week.

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The Zambia studio recorded the Lozi translations of 63-0601 "Come, Follow Me", 60-0518 "Adoption #2", and 60-0522E "Adoption #4." The Jeffersonville studio recorded the Lingala (Congo) translation of 64-0322 "Possessing The Gates Of The Enemy..." The India studio recorded the Hindi translations of 63-1124M "What Shall I do...", 63-1216 "We Have Seen His Star...", 63-1226 "Church Order", 63-1229M "There Is A Man Here...", and 64-0411 "Spiritual Amnesia." The Cape Town, South Africa studio recorded the North Sotho translation 65-0801E "Events Made Clear By Prophecy." The Italian Studio recorded 61-0112 "Questions And Answers." 

Still Waters Camp 3
7.12.2019 9:00 AM

Pick up time for the campers is 3:00 this afternoon at the Still Waters Welcome Center.

Audio Department
7.11.2019 5:30 PM

The audio for 18 new sermon translations was loaded to the sermon page.

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 This includes 3 Italian, 5 Malagasy (Madagascar), 2 Polish, 1 Romanian, 1 Tamil  (India), and 6 Tsonga(southern Africa).

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This family took God at His Word! 


My wife burst into tears while I was trying to understand.


They might mean a whole lot more than you think after you read this.


20,000 micro SD cards headed to Africa.





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That Melchisedec was flesh, represented Himself in a human body; and then later He was made flesh. And now, tonight, He is the same, yesterday, today, and forever. Do you believe it?

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