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Today's Recordings
9.28.2022 3:30 PM

The Zimbabwe Recording Studio, recorded the Shona sermon 64-0119 Shalom this morning, and 64-1205 The Identified Masterpiece Of God was recorded yesterday.

Prayer Request - Hurricane Ian
9.28.2022 8:00 AM

Please remember the Saints in Florida in your prayers as Hurricane Ian is expected to hit there on Wednesday and Thursday.

Red Letter Day
9.27.2022 10:00 AM

In September of 1961, Brother Branham shot the 42-inch caribou and the silver-tip grizzly! “Jesus never fails!”

Worksheets and coloring pages are available here.

Text Department
9.26.2022 10:00 AM

Text for 50 new sermon translations in PDF format was loaded to the sermon page.

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This includes:
1 Bengali (Bangladesh),
5 Chinese Simplified,
5 Chinese Traditional,
1 Dutch (Holland),
2 Ewe (Ghana, Togo),
1 French,
1 Indonesian,
1 Khmer (Cambodia),
10 Kikongo Kituba (Central Africa),
1 Kyangonde (Tanzania, Malawi),
1 Lithuanian,
1 Luganda (Uganda),
1 Norwegian,
2 North Sotho  (Southern Africa),
1 Oriya (India),
3 Shona (Zimbabwe),
1 South Sotho (Southern Africa),
1 Swahili (Kenya,Tanzania),
7 Chitonga (Zambia),
2 Tswana (Southern Africa),
1 Vietnamese

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64-0816 Proving His Word


The Lord called another one of His Great Soldiers Home.


64-0802 The Future Home Of The Heavenly Bridegroom And The Earthly Bride


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‘In that day the Son of man will be revealed.’ What? To join the Church to the Head, unite, the marriage of the Bride. The Bridegroom call will come right through this, when the Son of man will come down and come in human flesh to unite the two together. The Church has to be the Word, He is the Word, and the two unites together, and, to do that, it’ll take the manifestation of the revealing of the Son of man.

64-0816 - Proving His Word