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12.7.2018 11:00 AM

The Android version of The Table is now available in 4 more languages! This includes Indonesian, Tshivenda (southern Africa), Ukrainian, and Vietnamese. Go to the Google Play Store to download the app, or switch languages if you already have the app installed. 

Audio Department
12.7.2018 10:00 AM

The audio for 10 new sermon translations was loaded to the sermon page.

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This includes 1 Hindi  (India), 4 Malagasy  (Madagascar), 4 North Sotho (southern Africa), and 1 Portuguese  (Brazil, Angola, Mozambique).

This Week's Recordings
12.7.2018 9:30 AM

We recorded 12 sermon translations at our studios this week.

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The Durban studio recorded the Tshivenda translations of 65-0424 "One In A Million", 60-0417M "Go, Tell", 59-0802 "Without Money...", 64-0416 "And When Their Eyes Were Opened...", 59-0301E "What Does Thou Here?", and 57-0420 "The Entombment". The Italian studio recorded 57-0623 "Believe From The Heart." The Cape Town studio recorded the Afrikaans translation of 56-0617 "Revelation, Book of Symbols." The Zambia studio recorded the Tsonga translations of 64-0726M "Recognizing Your Day...", 64-0614E "The Oddball", and 64-0823M "Questions And Answers 1". The Jeffersonville studio recorded the Lingala (Congo) translation of 59-0329S "Living, Dying..." 

Norway Tape Ministry
11.29.2018 6:30 PM

The Norway team would appreciate your prayers this weekend as they travel to the city of Kragerø to show "The Deep Calleth..." video in a large rented theater.

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They have been receiving seat reservations from the local people, so the team has high expectations for a good crowd. 

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