The Fourth Seal

7 And when he had opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth beast say, Come and see.

8 And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth.

Revelation 6:7-8

Pale, a mixture of the previous three horses, and this rider is powerful. Brother Branham tells us what his name means and that hell always follows after.

Now, last night we had the opening of the--of the Third Seal. First was a white horse, and the next was a red horse, and then a black horse. And we find out that the riders were the same rider all the time, and that was the antichrist to start with. He didn't have no--no crown, but he received one later on. And then we find out that then he was given a sword to take peace from the earth, and we find out that he did that.

Then he come in with the dogmas of giving the church with money by weighing a penny of--for this and two pennies for that, but he was forbidden to touch the oil and the wine, which was a little that was left.

And then, we give--left off last night with the illustration of what the oil and wine was and what the effects that it had. And we... It might've sounded a little rude, but it's just exactly the Truth. See?

63-0321 The Fourth Seal

Now, we notice that this--this great thing taken place. And now, we believe that there is to be a coming of the true spirit of Elijah. It's predicted it would be. See? And we must remember it'll be here in its own season and time. We may be laying a foundation for it now. And it won't be no organization.

63-0321 The Fourth Seal

Now, then we find out his mystery here in his church and state. The fourth stage of his ministry, he's called the beast. First he's called the antichrist (See?), then he's called false prophet, and he's called the beast. Now, we find him here being called as the beast.

Now, I want you to notice that's after the fourth horse, and in this fourth horse, if you'll notice, all... The first one was white, and then the next one was red, and the next one was black, and the fourth one... All of these other three was represented in it, because pale is red and--and white and so mixed together. See? He... It's--it's all mixed in this one horse. See? And there he become four, or actually the three in one, and it was all mixed up in that one thing.

63-0321 The Fourth Seal

Notice, the antichrist was on a pale horse, mixed color. A horse is a beast that represents a power. His power is all mixed up. Why? It's politics; it's--it's national powers; it's religious powers; it's demon powers; it's all kinds of powers mixed together, a mixed pale horse was. He's got all kinds of powers.

But when Jesus comes, it's on a one solid colored horse--the Word. Amen. This one mixes its colors of red, white, black. Three colors in one--represented in one, and three powers represented in one: a white horse, a black horse, red horse, and three crowns in one.

63-0321 The Fourth Seal

Watch Christ. First coming, He come a mortal to bleed and die. Is that right? That's His first coming. The second coming is the rapture. We meet Him in the skies, immortal. His third coming, He's the incarnate God (Amen. Yeah.), God Emmanuel to reign on earth. That's right. Only three...

Fourth stage of the rider... Watch. The fourth stage of this rider is called death. Death means eternal separation from God. That's what death means: to be eternal separated from God.

63-0321 The Fourth Seal

Now, hell always follows death in the natural. When the natural man dies, hell follows him; that's the grave, hades (See?); that's in the natural. But in the spiritual it's a lake of fire. See? All right. See, it's eternal separation where they're burned up and just... And Malachi 4 said, "It don't even leave him stubble or branch or nothing else." It's the way the world has of purifying itself again for the Millennium. See?

63-0321 The Fourth Seal

Look what this is all coming to. What is it? It's going right back the way it did. It started in heaven; it's coming to the end time battle.

The first thing in heaven was a battle. Lucifer was kicked out and come to the earth; then he polluted Eden. Then he's been polluting ever since.

And now, from the battle in heaven, it's coming to the battle on earth, and it is to be finished at--on earth at the end time in a battle called Armageddon. Now, anyone knows that. The battle started in heaven. Holy... And so, they kicked them out. Michael and His angels overthrowed them--just run out. And when they did, dropped right down in Eden, and here started the battle down here.

63-0321 The Fourth Seal

Antichrist, white horse, kills by spirit, being antichrist, spiritual kill.

Number two: Red horse: kills by sword, political power when church and state united.

Black horse: souls when he give out his doctrine, and she did there with her fornications, and he weighed out the food by... Sold their... What they'd give for food for balance and the pennies and so forth.

Fourth, a pale horse: eternal separation from God (again four... See?). Oh, my. Praise be to God.

63-0321 The Fourth Seal

Now, just search your heart, my brother, my sister, my friends. I've been with you a long time. This is about thirty-three years. Have I ever told you anything in the Name of the Lord but what come to pass? Search Christ now while you have a chance to. It may come pretty soon where you can't do it. See? He may leave the seat any time of His intercession; then you could cry with all your heart, you could stomp, you could speak in tongues, you could run up and down the floor, you could do anything you wanted to and join every church in the world; there's nothing, no more Bleach for your--your sins. Then what do you--where are you then?

While I believe, with all my heart, the seat's still open. I believe He's still on the throne of God, but soon He's going to rise now and come forth to claim what He has redeemed. He's doing the work of Kinsman Redeemer while Ruth is waiting. But soon, you know, after Boaz done the kinsman work, then he come and claimed his possessions, and that's exactly what the Bible said He done. He come forth and took the Book; then intercession is over. He's off the throne. There's no more Blood on the mercy seat, and then what is it? Judgment seat.

Don't let it be said some of these days. "I thought the rapture was supposed to come," and hear the Voice say back, "It's in the past." God help you. Now, let's bow our heads.

Brother Neville, come for dismissing or whatever you have to do. God bless you till tomorrow night.

63-0321 The Fourth Seal

63-0321 The Fourth Seal


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