Joseph Branham

Nearly five years before his birth, during a prayer and study time, Brother Branham began to reflect on the Genesis story of Joseph, and what a mighty man of God he was. Suddenly a Voice spoke, saying, “You shall have a son, and you shall call his name Joseph.” Years later, on May 19, 1955, these words came to pass when Brother Joseph Marrion Branham was born.

While holding his son in his arms at the altar and dedicating his life to the Lord, Brother Branham thanked the Lord for fulfilling His promise. Then he addressed the baby with these words: “Joseph, my boy, I give you to God, and may your life be a blessing. May you be a prophet, Joseph. May God’s grace rest on you. May the God of your father, the Lord Jesus Christ, ever bless you and make your life a blessing to others.”

Since he was a young man, Brother Joseph felt a call in his life to serve the Bride of Christ.

Reflecting back on the days when I, as a young boy working at Spoken Word Publications, would box the books and place them in canvas bags; I can see the great plan of God. As I would write the addresses on these boxes, I would think of the several months that it would take for these books to reach their final destinations. It troubled me to think of the reports that we would receive describing the poor condition that the books would be in when they arrived. After being in ships for several months, many times exposed to the elements and thrown around from place to place, they were almost totally destroyed. Sometimes, there would not be any books left, just the bag full of wet paper.

I thought, “Lord, these few books for the whole Bride of these countries? It won’t even come close to meeting their needs. With these few books to pass around, they will never have the chance that I have; to hear the Voice of the Seventh Church Age Messenger. There has to be a way.” It seemed an impossible task.

When the Lord placed me in the work at Voice Of God Recordings, He led me to establish libraries around the world; Lighthouses where the people could come and get the books and tapes of Brother Branham. Oh, how I was thrilled that the people would now have a place in their country to hear the Message of the hour.

From those early years until now, Brother Joseph has never lost that burden to serve the Bride of Christ. In 1981, he founded Voice Of God Recordings. What started with four employees has turned into a worldwide ministry that affects the lives of millions of predestinated souls on a daily basis. Under Brother Joseph’s leadership, Voice Of God Recordings duplicates hundreds of thousands of Brother Branham’s sermons, prints millions of Message books, and translates hundreds of sermons into other languages every year. About 95% of this material is distributed free of charge to believers in almost every country on earth. And the Lord continues to bless this ministry.

Brother Joseph has a deep desire to work with any individual, church, minister, or group of people to spread Brother Branham’s Message, as long as working together does not mean compromising on the quality of the material or compromising on one word that Brother Branham spoke. He believes that the people should receive the very best recordings and translations possible. Brother Branham gave us a perfect Message, and we should strive to make sure every word is translated correctly, every tape has the best possible quality, and every book is printed just as he spoke it.

Along with his duties at Voice Of God Recordings and the Branham Tabernacle, Brother Joseph is also a devoted husband, father, and grandfather. He and his wife, Sister Valerie, have two children - Brother Isaac and Sister Princess, and seven grandchildren. Sister Princess and her husband, Brother Jeremy Evans, work with Brother Joseph at Voice Of God Recordings.

The desire to serve the Bride of Christ is burning as strong as ever within Brother Joseph. Brother Branham’s prayer: “May the God of your father, the Lord Jesus Christ, ever bless you and make your life a blessing to others” has certainly come to pass in Brother Joseph’s burden to see his father’s Message go to God’s predestinated seed.

“In all sincerity, I will say that the desire to be a servant to the Bride of Christ around the world still burns in my heart just as intensely as it did when Voice Of God Recordings made its first tape!”