BT Live
The Branham Tabernacle app

Download the app to listen to current and previous services from the Branham Tabernacle, receive notifications and prayer requests, and much more!

Some of the features of the BT Live app:

  • Get the latest letters from the Branham Tabernacle
  • Search all previous letters even without internet connection
  • Listen to Tapes and service audio right in the app
  • Open the Table app from the current service page
  • Receive notifications and prayer requests
  • Available for iOS and Android



There are millions of mobile apps that can be found around the internet today. From weather, to news, to finances, to social media; the list goes on and on. But what do any of these apps do to glorify our Lord Jesus? There are a few good ones out there, but the new VGR Lifeline App leads the way!

This app is designed to keep the Word before us every day, without being bombarded with every distraction and temptation of the world.

Here are a few features:

Audio & Video

There will be audio stories for the kids and audio news articles from believers around the world. The videos might be documentary, testimonies, Cub Corner, or inspirational, but they will all encourage the Bride.


Quote Of The Day

You can get the same uplifting QOTD that is on within the Lifeline app. Plus, jump directly to The Table app or with quicklinks.


Good News

You’ll have news articles every day that are sure to lift your spirits! It may be a missionary report from India or a powerful healing testimony from the United States; the Good News is another Book of Acts for the Bride.


VGR Notifications

It might be a prayer request for believers in an earthquake zone or a reminder to take a few minutes for the Lord. These notifications will fill you in on breaking news and help bring the Bride together.


How do you get the app?

There are a few ways to get the app. The list below gives you options that make it easy to download the new app on a mobile device. All three of these options will give you the same app, so choose whichever is easiest for you.

    • Option 1: If you are familiar with the App Store or Play Store, simply search “Voice of God Recordings Lifeline” and download the proper app.
    • Option 2: Text the word Lifeline to 502-200-1719 from your smartphone (United States and Canada only). You will receive an automated reply with a direct link to the app in the appropriate store.
  • Option 3: Scan this QR code (right from the computer screen) with your device to link directly to the app signup page. For iOS (Apple) devices, use the camera on your iPhone or iPad to scan the QR code. Simply turn on your camera, point it at the code, and then tap the link.

We pray that this little gift from us here at VGR will become part of your everyday walk with the Lord Jesus, and it will encourage you to keep pressing the battle through the perilous times of these last days.

God bless you, our friends!

Compatible with:
Android 4.1 and up
iOS 14 and up
The Table

From the beginning, it has been the vision of Voice Of God Recordings to give every sermon Brother Branham preached to every person who desires to hear his Message in a language they can understand. The Lord has provided a way to do that impossible task through technology. That tool is called The Table. The Table is now used by over 275,000 believers around the world in 65 languages to feed upon the Word for our day.

Here are a few features of the Table App:

  • Lightning fast search of all 1,206 sermons and the Church Age Book.
  • Translations to the English sermons are available in 64 languages.
  • Highlight, bookmark, and include your personal notes to the text.
  • Text can be read like an eBook.
  • You can listen to a sermon, or you can listen as the text automatically scrolls to the audio.
  • The text is updated periodically and it keeps all your highlights.
  • It's FREE!

We have loaded the Table App on the Apple App Store, the Kindle App Store, and the Google Play store. You can access the App Store through the App Store application on your mobile device, then search “Voice Of God.”

Windows and Mac can be downloaded at these links:

macOS       Windows

Compatible with:
Windows 10, Windows 11
macOS (Apple Silicon) All Versions
Android 5.0 and up
iOS 14 and up
Fire OS 5 and up

Older version can be found here:
Android 4.1
Intel-based macOS

There are many different versions of The Table offered by Voice Of God Recordings. Here is a chart to show the differences.
Features of The Table By VersionAndroidiOSMacOSWindowsTable WebFolio
Price: Free X X X X X
1191 Sermons released in 2010 X
1206 Sermons (Latest Release) X X X X X
All text kept up to date X X X X X
Bible text X
Church Age Book X X X X X X
Remembers last location when reading text X X X X
What's New for upgrades X
Text and Audio Exporting
Copy a quote to email/text X X X X X X
Copy the audio of a quote to email/text X X X
Advanced searching of 1191 sermons X
Easy searching of all 1,205 sermons X X X X X
Search exact phrases X X X X X X
Proximity searching X X
Wild card searching X X X X
Search single sermon X X X X X X
Sermon Index
Choose sermons by date, title, location, length X X X X X X
Play a sermon X X X X X
Uses MP3 audio (DVD) X
Uses M4a audio X X X X
Dynamic audio (live or gapped translations) X X X X
Download audio directly from internet X X X X
Bulk download of Opus audio X X X X
Uses M4a audio directly from micro SD card X X
Plays translated sermons (With micro SD card) X X X
Audio for the Bible X
Audio for the Church Age Book X X X X X
Remembers last location when playing sermon X X X X
User Interface
Look and Feel: choose theme, font, font size X X X X X
Choose colors in Subtitle X X
No Install process X
Online Help doc and training videos X X X
Works on the latest hardware X X X X X
Audio Linked to Text
Continue text linked at quote level X
Read-Along linked at phrase level X X X X
Subtitle in English X X X X
Subtitle in other languages X X X X
English and translated text side-by-side X
Presentation Mode X
Easily find your place in the text when playing a tape X X X X
Notes and Highlights
Attach notes that stay with text X X X X X
Create Highlights X X X X X
Notes and highlights upgradeable to next version X X X X
Supports Languages
Afrikaans X X X X X
Asante Twi X X X X X
Bemba X X X X X
Bengali X X X
Cebuano X X X X X
Chichewa X X X X X
Chinese Simplified X X X X X
Chinese Traditional X X X X X
Chitonga X X X X X
Chitumbuka X X X X X
Ciluba X X X X X
Czech X X X X X
Dutch X X X X X
Emakhuwa X X X X X
English X X X X X X
Ewe X X X X X
Finnish X X X X X
Fongbe X X X X X
French X X X X X X
German X X X X X
Haitian Creole X X X X X
Hiligaynon X X X X X
Hindi X X X X X
Hungarian X X X X X
Indonesian X X X X X
Italian X X X X X
Khmer X X X X X
Kikongo-Kituba X X X X X
Kiswahili X X X X X
Kyangonde X X X X X
Latvian X X X X X
Lingala X X X X X
Lithuanian X X X X X
Lozi X X X X X
Luganda X X X X
Luvale X X X X X
Malagasy X X X X X
Malayalam X X X X X
Marathi X X X X X
Ndebele X X X X X
Nepalese X X X X X
Northern Sotho X X X X X
Norwegian X X X X X
Oriya X X X
Oshikwanyama X X X X X
Polish X X X X X
Portuguese X X X X X
Punjabi X X X X X
Romanian X X X X X
Russian X X X X X
Shona X X X X X
Siswati X X X X X
South Sotho X X X X X
Spanish X X X X X X
Swedish X X X X X
Tagalog X X X X X
Tamil X X X X X
Telugu X X X X
Tshivenda X X X X X
Tswana X X X X X
Ukrainian X X X X X
Vietnamese X X X X X
Xhosa X X X X X
Xitsonga X X X X X
Zulu X X X X X

A Strong Foundation

Have you ever played the Cub Corner game “A Strong Foundation”? You can spend hours trying to get the different blocks to form a square or rectangle foundation. The more you build, the stronger your foundation and the more points you get, but you better hurry before the timer runs out!

To date, this game has only been available on the Cub Corner website. Now, we have created a mobile app version that you can play anywhere! It is available for both iOS and Android.

For the new comers, here’s how you play:

  • Hit the play button, and look for a square or rectangle that has 4 corners of the same kind.
  • Select each of the 4 blocks, and watch the entire square disappear and rearrange, while giving you points.
  • NOTE: the more blocks you include inside your square/rectangle, the more points you will receive. If you build an entire foundation out of the 4 corner blocks, you get extra bonus points.
  • Time is don’t hesitate. See if you can beat your high score.
Compatible with:
Android 2.3 and up
iOS 9 and up

What Word?

How well do YOU know the Bible and the Message?

Do you have what it takes to advance your team to victory in “What Word?”

Bring your family and friends together for hours of fun with this fast-paced trivia game. All ages will enjoy speeding through categories like Old and New Testament, Message Titles, Still Waters, and many more! All you need is a phone or tablet, and two or more players willing to guess from thousands of words and phrases taken straight from the Bible and the Message of Brother William Branham.

“What Word?” was developed by Young Foundations, a ministry of Voice Of God Recordings. It was designed as another tool to help keep the lives of young believers, and their families, centered around the Word of God. We pray it will be a blessing to you.

We have made this app compatible with both Android and iOS mobile devices. We have also made this available in both English and Spanish!

Be sure to leave us your feedback on the app!

Compatible with:
Android 4.0 and up
iOS 9 and up