Food For The Bride

Brother Fernando Sanchez, VGR office manager in Guadalajara, sends us good news of his recent distribution trip 300 hundred miles north of Mexico City, to the mountainous area of Huasteca Potosina.

In the state of San Luis Potosi, Huasteca Potos is an area known for breathtaking waterfalls and adventure vacations. But the team wasn't there to enjoy the springs and rivers running every shade of blue or the spectacular falls; they were about the Father’s Business, traveling for six days and 1,400 miles with the Words of Eternal Life in hand.

One bit of information that was especially encouraging to the believers is that we hope to continue distributing the Agapao Tablet in Latin America. Each tablet has all the Spanish-translated sermons, as well as the translated videos, English sermons, and many other blessings for the Bride. As you already know, one of the greatest functions of the Agapao Tablet is that it can be updated with new translations quickly and easily, either through a wifi connection or through another Agapao Tablet. The tablets are manufactured at our Jeffersonville headquarters and designed especially for the Bride. The tablets are given free-of-charge to the believers through our Agapao Sponsorship program, and we are ramping up our production as the Lord provides. 

Greetings in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. We started the trip to the mountains of the Huasteca Potosina, on Monday September 10, 2018, accompanied by my wife.

This area is the most difficult to travel in central Mexico, but it is the area that I enjoy the most, since the brothers and their way of life is very simple.

The most outstanding part of their lives is that they love God, they love this Word, they love the Message, and they love their prophet. They are just waiting the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The place where I arrived downtown is called, Axtla De Terrazas, I call it “center place”, because from that place I go to the north, south, east, and west, visiting the brothers who are in the whole mountain range.

Some in the lower parts, others in the middle parts, and others in the higher parts, thus enjoying the vegetation and landscapes that make up this area.

Something very surprising for me is to see that most of their houses are built of bamboo and the roof is made of cardboard or metal sheets, and to see that in all the mountains and in all the homes. The brothers have electric lights, and not only that, but also have access to the Internet in some area of each locality. The roads and highways are improving as the government is working positively in that area to improve traveling infrastructure.

I took three Agapao Tablets, along with many microSD cards, to show the brothers and inform them of that great blessing they would soon have in their homes.

I was very impressed to see how they viewed the tablets with great astonishment and joy. They watched how the Agapao Tablet worked, the videos of the prophet, the photographs; I could see that they had a great blessing. I heard some comments made by some brothers and some sisters, among them, that is what they needed to feed at home. At that moment I felt very small, and I ran out of words.

Some brothers shared the physical food with us, and as our Brother Branham said, "we had a gastronomic jubilee."

I ask you to remember in your prayers, our brothers and sisters in this area, as they are going through great trials and struggles.

I returned home after six days and 1,400 miles of traveling.

God bless you!

Your brother and friend,

Fernando - VGR Guadalajara