Prayer Cloth

We received this testimony from a family in Zimbabwe.

There was a time when I was on the VGR website, and I was reading of the testimony that included a quote from Brother Branham talking about prayer cloths. He said "if you also want one just put it in your Bible on Acts, Chapter 19", and if the baby gets sick to take the cloth and lay it on them.

So, I just wrote the quotation down in my notebook. When I went home, I remembered I had a handkerchief, so I took it and put on Acts Chapter 19 in my Bible. On Sunday, the 2nd of September, my 5-year-old little brother got really sick. He was having a tummy bug. When we prepared breakfast before going to church he couldn't eat; he was complaining about his stomach.

We went to church with him, and while in the service, my mother was not sure of what to do with him. So, she just took out a blanket and put it on the floor for him to lie down, hoping he would get some sleep and maybe wake up feeling better.

He laid on the floor, rolling and failing to sleep because of the stomach ache.

I was flipping through my handbag, then suddenly I saw that handkerchief poking outside my Bible. I remembered why I had put it there in the first place. I took it out, and I had a small Pillar of Fire card too in my Bible. I then put the Pillar of Fire in the middle of the handkerchief, gave it to my mom, and I told her to put it on my brother's stomach.

He started vomiting, and so we took him out. Then the thought came that it is not working, what if he doesn't get healed? BUT it was working.

We took him out so he could get some air, then after a few minutes, he was marching back into the church. He was looking so well now. My mom and I were both thrilled to see that miracle.

He later slept peacefully, and he was not rolling anymore on the floor. He spent the whole day feeling good, and it was like he was never sick. My mom wanted to share the testimony with the church because of the excitement. We saw that HE is still the same yesterday, today, and forever. He still keeps His Word.

God richly bless you so much.

Sister Buhlebenkosi