Central India (Continued)

We pick up with Brother John’s journey to his final stop in the town of Lalithpur, India. Here, a miraculous healing takes place, and a group of college students experience Act 2:38 in its full Power.

After the meeting on 23rd at Khurai, we went to another place called Lalithpur, along with the local brother named Naresh Nathanael. We left at 9 p.m. and reached Lalithpur at 11.30 pm. This place is at located in Uther Pradesh. It is 100 KMs (62 miles) away from Khurai. This is a Bible college where I baptized eight people last time.

The boys are very strong and healthy in the Message. One of them has the gift of prophesy. His name is Bro. Abhishek. He will be playing the tapes for the people at the Lalithpur area.

On the 24th in the morning, at 11 am, we introduced Malachi 4 and played the video. Second service started at 3 pm, where we introduced serpent seed and the Name of the Lord. Total of 16 boys attended, and all of them come forward to take water baptism.

In the evening service, around 6:30 pm, one sister, whose husband was baptized last time along with his friend, came for baptism. Almost all the boys received Holy Ghost. We baptized them also in the night time.

Summary of Lalithpur

  1. 18 people got baptized.
  2. Holy Ghost filled almost all the believers.
  3. One tape service started at Bible College on Sundays. The brother running service will be Bro. Abhishek Yadav.
  4. The principle of the Bible college was the coordinator last time. He was very active with us this time again.

He is still calling His sheep. Thanks to our Lord God. Brother, it was not me. I can’t even imagine all this in my mind. It was He, Hebrew 13:8.

Yours lovingly,

Brother John