God’s Sheep

Brother Sherman Napuri, VGR office manager in Peru, recently traveled from the office in Lima to the city of Huaral. There the team was able to distribute some much-needed Message material and encourage the little flock to continue to stand in the faith that was once delivered to the saints. The highlight of the trip was the introduction of the Agapao Tablet among the Peruvian believers.

Just two hours to the north of Lima is a city that opens up to our eyes as a place where the ocean, the desert, and a beautiful valley come together. This place is commonly called the “Breadbasket of the Country,” it is the City of Huaral.

A lot of people from the Capital come to this fertile valley to rest from their natural works. Little do they know that a few feet from the central square “Plaza Mayor,” there is a place where they would have the chance to find the rest for their souls.

The Voice of Restoration Lilly of the Valley Tabernacle is this place and it was my privilege, as a Voice Of God Recordings distributor in Peru, to visit our dear brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus there.

They may not be the wealthiest people in worldly possessions or highly esteemed by the world’s standards, but they are certainly rich in humbleness and living a simple life for the Lord.

The Christian has not one worry in the world. They should be the most freest, happiest people in all the world. ‘Cause there’s nothing… You can’t lose. And all things work together for good to them that love God. So how can we lose? There’s just nothing to lose, is there? We’re just anchored away in Jesus Christ, going home to glory, having a good time while we’re going along, God providing everything for us. Marvelous.

54-0301 The Angel Of The Covenant

We were so happy to tell all the believers the good news about the work we are doing around the world and the wonderful blessings that the Lord has in store for us.

The Agapao Tablet project explanation was indeed the highlight and crown for the beautiful service we had with the saints.

It was very special to see the believers trying to touch and have just a glimpse of the sample Tablet we had in our hands and promised to pray and wait for the time when the Lord will provide the shipment of this blessing to all the people in Peru.

All the believers united their voices in worship to God trying to express their gratitude for all the things He is providing for them at this time. They sure sent greetings to Brother Joseph and the VGR staff in Jeffersonville for making this project a reality. This will really be a tremendous blessing for the believers in Huaral and the rest of the Peruvian cities.

Brother Sherman Napuri

VGR Peru



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