The Living Word

We received this testimony from the VGR office in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Brother Eale, office manager in Mbandaka, received a visit from a husband and wife who traveled 220 miles to share their testimony of healing and how the Message of Malachi 4:5 is just as alive today as the day it was spoken.

I am glad to send you this testimony, which is one of the many that we receive which proves that the VOICE of God is still as real and powerful today as it was when it was spoken. It is still alive and efficient here in Democratic Republic of Congo, and everywhere in the world.

Device used to play the tapes of the prophet.

Brother Aigle Mpongo is one of the brothers who listen to the tapes in his house with his family and two other brothers. He traveled from his village, which is about 220 miles from Mbandaka, with his wife to come to our office to give us a testimony of a miracle that happened while they were listening to the sermon "Souls That Are In Prison Now."

His wife had caught a sickness that first made her leg swell, and then it started to rot. The flesh started to fall to the point that bones were visible. There were only bones and muscles that were linking her upper thigh with the feet. The situation was hopeless, and they did not know what to do.

As they were listening to side B of the 4th cassette, when Brother Branham does the altar call, the sister who was laying on her sickbed clearly heard with the small group of people, the prophet call her by her name, and asked her to come at the altar.

Without even thinking of her condition, she miraculously rose up and went where the cassette player was playing. Her children, the two brothers, and her husband who was translating the Message into the local language, were amazed to witness this.

At the end of the prophet's prayer, the sister felt her healing right there. The flesh started to grow back and covered her leg. The horrible wound quickly dried. The sister left her sickbed that very same day, and she could stand and walk without problem.

Brother Aigle and his wife Toto Bonyenge after her healing.

So amazed to see the Word, the VOICE that they believed and made living among them, they came to give this testimony and allow his wife to take time to rest.

May the Lord richly bless you!

Your Brother EALE

VGR MBANDAKA, Dem. Rep Congo

Note, photos of the sister’s disease were also submitted, but because of the graphic images, we are not able to post them. The original wound went all the way around the sister’s leg, from her mid-calf, up to her upper thigh. The pictures show that the wound has healed, but there is still a large scar that is completely closed, and getting smaller by the day.