Faith Builders

Here are a few “faith builders” that were sent in from the VGR office in Dar es Salem, Tanzania.


Our daughter Priscilla was selected to join high school at Tambaza Secondary school. One of the school rules among other rules in this school is that “Girls must cut their hair and keep them short all the time.”

Most of schools in the country keep this rule strictly. This was difficult for us and also for Priscilla, so we pleaded that because of the Word of God we believe Priscilla be exempted so she can keep her long hair. The administration of the school refused our plea totally and said they are not ready to keep such a student in their school. Instead they were ready to offer a transfer if we would find a school which allows girls to keep their hair long.

It was not easy to get such a school. However, nothing is impossible with prayers. We prayed a prayer of faith and found a school where girls are allowed to keep their hair long, known as Kisutu Secondary School, and there we explained our need with reference to our faith on the Word of God.

Finally, Priscilla was accepted on the condition that the former school writes them a letter to explain the reason for transfer. We therefore went to the former school and were given the letter, which was positively accepted and our daughter was admitted to this new school and started lessons immediately. Meanwhile the transfer procedures will be going on and expected to be complete after three months.

Priscilla is now in school enjoying her lessons with her long hair.


Bro. Godwin

Dar Tanzania


God bless you the beloved,

I would very much like to thank the Lord for the healing of my beloved husband. It happened on Tuesday, July 31, 2018, when we were coming from the school of one of our children.

All of a sudden my husband started feeling so bad, and he was attacked by a sharp pain in his left side which made him bend or lean to his left side as we were walking. When we arrived at the bus stop, the pain was growing stronger and stronger.

I encouraged him to believe God for His healing, of which he said he believes. I remembered that I had a prayer cloth in my hand bag and so I cried, “God, I believe you are the one who prayed over this cloth when you were in Brother Branham, and I believe you are here. Right now, I don’t have a pin to pin it under his shirt over his heart as is supposed to be done, so I am putting the envelope containing this prayer cloth in his shirt pocket. I believe thy presence is in this envelope and that you will heal him from these pains.”

I therefore folded the envelope containing the prayer cloth and put it in his pocket, and asked him to only believe. We crossed the ocean by pontoon ferry on our way home, and when we got to the other side, he told me that the pains were no longer there. I was so delighted to hear that my beloved husband had received his healing. I thank God for His unfailing Word of promise.

Sis Sarah Onai,

Dar Tanzania


From the day I got my baby boy, 16th July 2017, I never healed from back problems. I was getting along with severe back pains since then, and I therefore failed to carry my baby on my back or a bucket of water on my head.

On 6th May 2018, Brother Mbise (VGR Tanzania office manager) and his wife came to worship at our church. On that day my child was having stomach problems and diarrhea. After the service, as we were having fellowship with one another, Sister Mbise learned of the stomach problem of my baby and told me of the prayer cloth with a number of testimonies about people who received their healing through prayer cloth, including herself. I got inspired and asked if I could get one. Sister Mbise told Brother Mbise my request, and fortunately Brother Mbise had some in his bag, and gave me one for myself and for my baby.

I went home, read the letter by Brother Branham, and followed all the instructions. I prayed through, applied the cloth, and forgot all about it.

After two weeks, I carried my baby on my back to church and as we were walking back home, that is when I realized that something had taken place in my back. There were no more pains and I could carry my child on my back and even a bucket of water on my head with comfort. My child also got completely healed. PRAISE BE THE NAME OF THE LORD JESUS CHRIST!

Sis. Monica

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

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