Worth A Thousand Words

Brother Juan Tarqui, VGR distributor in Bolivia, recently made a distribution trip to the rural area of La Paz. What the team found at their arrival is a testament to the work that has taken place over the last three decades by the local believers.

It is often said that a picture is worth a thousand words. These pictures from a baptismal speak even more than that. They speak of a work that is covering the world, calling God’s children to the stored up Food to sustain them in time of spiritual famine.

On Sunday, October 2nd, the church and I traveled to the rural area of La Paz. Pastor Mateo Quispe and his congregation were having a baptismal service in a river close to town. Four sisters and three brothers came to the waters to give their lives to the Lord Jesus. The sisters could not hold their tears as they entered in the waters. They were really anxious to fulfill this Bible commandment in their lives. The pastor read some baptismal quotes and then they performed the service. It was very emotional to see the entire congregation coming to greet the seven new believers in Christ. They are so happy to be members of the Bride of our Lord Jesus Christ. It really was a wonderful day of fellowship with our brothers.

After this service, everybody came to the tabernacle to hear more about the Message and the messenger. The pastor delivered the new books to the congregation, and they all were exceedingly happy to see the new material to feast upon. Most of the believers came to the knowledge of the Message from different denominations as they heard the Word in a radio broadcast. The pastor has a 30-minute program every Sunday morning. The pastor reads the sermons of Brother Branham in an unabridged way. Most all of the denominations listen to the Christian radio programs on Sunday morning, and because of this, Brother Quispe keeps pretty busy with the numerous calls from people from all denominations wanting to hear more about the Message brought by the prophet of Malachi 4:5.

This radio program reaches the Bolivian border with Chile and Peru. This has proven to be an excellent way to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ among all unbelievers and denominational people. We are so happy that, still in 2016, we have religious freedom to preach the Word in the streets of Bolivia, as we know that soon we will not enjoy this privilege.

Some ministers say they cannot afford a radio broadcast, but certainly they do not need any money to preach on the streets; it is a free gift we have. Also, we have much to be thankful to the Lord, as Bolivia does not have a financial crisis like other countries in South America.

There are five Message churches in La Paz that have radio programs. All of them receive material from the VGR office, and they really appreciate the help we give to them.

God bless you!

Bro. Juan Tarqui

VGR Bolivia



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