Come Believing

On October 18, 2019, as I was on my way to my eye appointments, I was listening to the Message 55-1006 "The Power of God," and Brother Branham prayed for a woman with eye trouble. I had prayed earlier for the Lord to touch my eyes and may everything be just perfectly normal.

I had two appointments, one was for a Glaucoma recheck, it was supposed to be a six-month but due to having to reschedule, it was more like nine to ten months. I have had SLT (Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty) in the left eye to help with a slight increase in eye pressure. It is a preferred treatment nowadays, instead of using eye drops to lower eye pressure. This was done in two separate appointments, May and June 2018. My general ophthalmologist has been keeping a close watch every six months for the last few years, and has been hesitant to increase my follow ups to one year due to changes she had been noticing.

The second appointment was a follow up with one of the six retina doctors I work for. He's been a retina specialist/surgeon for well over 20 years, and was the one who started up the clinic. A very kind, gentleman, with a generous heart and huge patient load. I've worked for him for over 13 years, so he knew me. In December 2018, I was referred to him by my glaucoma doctor, as she noticed something on one of her tests to do with my left retina, and suggested I see one of the retina docs. Since they are in the same building as her, and my eyes were already dilated, I said ok. So, he checked me and it was noted that I had an Epiretinal membrane (ERM) in the left eye, so he just wanted to keep a watch on it, because if it gets worse and affected my vision then I would eventually need surgery. This is not something that I wanted to have done.

As I was driving to the clinic this was what I heard:

Come lady. Come believing. You believe me to be the servant of the Lord? Have faith in God. I don’t know you. But there’s Somebody here that we both know we’re in the Presence of. He knows us. Now, you’re here to ask me to pray for your eyes. You got a eye trouble. And then I see again, here comes a stretch of water. And—and there’s another country where there’s a lot of hills. And it’s beautiful. It’s got a land of lakes. And there’s someone there who looks a whole lot like you. It’s your sister. And she’s doctoring with some kind of something in her blood, a blood disease. And that’s Sweden? Is that right? And that handkerchief is for her. Well, go send it to her in the Name of Jesus Christ and may she be healed. Hallelujah. Have faith in God. Do you believe? Jesus said, “All things are possible to him that believeth. If thou canst believe, all things are possible.” You believe it? Have faith.

55-1006E - The Power Of God

I was intrigued about the "eye trouble," so after the prayer, I raised my hand and said, "Lord, I'm taking that for me and I accept my healing!" Somehow, I just felt good inside and kept thanking the Lord.

My first appointment for the glaucoma check, the doctor went through all the tests and compared it to the last ones. She noted there was improvement in both eyes (she commented that doesn't usually happen, so it was just kind of placed as could be testing differences), but she was very happy with the results. Then after examining my eyes, she said, "You are stable and I don't need to see you now for one year." I clenched my fists together, raised both hands in the air and exclaimed, "Really?" I felt like I was going to come out of the chair and take an Astronaut flight! Then said, "Yahoo!" She was happy for me, and I was so happy! Thank You Lord! May the Lord bless her for being so caring and kind to me all these years.

Then I went to the fourth floor for my retina checkup. He looked at my OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography) tests and compared this visit to last December. I was even astonished and said, "Look at that!" He just said, "Yeah, we don't usually see that... I have no explanation for that." I said, "I do! Prayer! I prayed for the Lord to touch my eyes, and that everything would be perfectly normal." He just smiled and said, "Yes... we don't usually see that... I have no explanation for it." I was so excited that I exclaimed, "Praise the Lord!" I felt that surge again like I was going to come out of the chair and take an astronaut flight again! It was hard to control that excitement! He smiled again, yet seemed a bit puzzled. He examined both eyes and said, well everything looks good. I don't need to see you again unless you have any issues, then call us."

I was so happy and kept looking at the before and after pictures and marveling. Then he asked me if I wanted to take a picture of it, and I said, "Yes!" He was sincerely happy for me. I think he is a Lutheran, very kind man. May God bless him for his kindness to me. I'm so happy he asked if I wanted to take a picture! So, I got it! Praise the Lord for answering prayer and healing my eyes! I went out of the room bubbling over. I remember he said something like, "Happy for you Janice, nice to see you again." I just replied, "Thank you!" Oh, my I felt like I was floating. Once I left the room, I felt to go and show one of my coworkers, that has been working there as long as I have, and she was surprised too. I just said "Prayer!" She smiled at me. Oh, I was so happy!

On the way home, I just kept praising the Lord and saying out loud, "Thank You Lord! You ARE truly Hebrews 13:8. I'm not worthy but You bid me come. You said to ask anything in Your Name that You would do it, and I did that, and You proved that You are the same! Hallelujah! I love You Lord! Thank You Jesus! You are so worthy of all our praise! Thank You Jesus!" I think I flew home! (I was wearing double layered sunglasses so I could drive home, and probably looked pretty funny, but I didn't care!) When I got home I shared what happened with my husband, and he was very happy for me. I sent out a praise report to so many people, just to thank the Lord! The saints were so happy for me and joined in to praise the Lord too! I even sent it out to some family, even though they may not know the Lord in the way I have been blessed to know Him. I just wanted to share what God did for me, as I thought about the leper that was cleansed and just wanted to express my thankfulness. My brother was happy for me, my dad was not aware of this eye trouble, my mom knew I was being followed for the glaucoma as she has glaucoma and uses eye drops to control the pressure, but didn't know too much about the retina part. They were happy for me, and my dad even thanked the Lord in his email! Oh praise the Lord Jesus for His mercy and grace! Thank You Lord, You are so worthy! Praise His blessed Holy Name forever and forever! Thank You Jesus! Hallelujah! God bless you!

Sister Janice

The top right-hand image was last December 2018, showing an ERM (Epiretinal Membrane), eventually gets worse and causes vision to look like you are looking through cellophane, wrinkly.The bottom image is from October 18th, 2019, perfectly normal!
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