Bistro In Mexico

We received the following report from our VGR office in Guadalajara.

Christian greetings!

The young people were working for a few weeks remodeling a small room for our local Bistros. Brother Branham says, “what you read molds the character that you are." With these words in mind, we wanted everything in this place to be something special.

The first Bistro we had in mind to do was for the children who have faithfully answered the YF quizzes and for their parents too! When the youth heard that Brother Joseph and some from YF would be praying for this, there were young eyes filled with tears and excitement. We knew that this would be a special Bistro.

Last August 18th we had the Bistro. The young people were so excited to welcome the little heroes and their moms and dads!

When everyone had arrived, we read a quote from a tape and some portions of a CTV magazine where Brother Joseph mentions why he founded YF and the burden he has for the young people. Then, we asked a great soldier of the cross if he would lead us in prayer.

We told our parents, "It's so special to have real tape parents, and now we want to express our gratitude to you. As we, the young people, worked on the remodeling of the place, there were shouts of joy and songs. It was also so special to listen to the tapes at those times. Sometimes instead of working, we ended up with our hands up and the prophet praying for us! Thank you for encouraging us in our Christian walks! We also told them our reason for fixing up this place. "We want this to be a place of refuge for the young people, where we can be apart from the things of world."

We had a great time at each of the activities. His sweet presence seemed to be all around this place. Very soon it was time to enjoy some delicious desserts that the young people had prepared. After the desserts, they were informed that we were going to have a very special time, Quiet Time! What a blessing!

After QT we were ready for the bonfire and continued feeling the presence of the Lord. At the end of a special bonfire, some young people expressed their gratitude and that they wanted to continue on the path of the Lord. Then we asked another great soldier of the cross to lead us in prayer. With tears of joy and thanksgiving, the event ended.

We thank the Lord so much for all this! And also thank you for your prayers!

God richly bless you!

Your friends,

The young tape boys & girls :)

Guadalajara, Mexico