Saved Life

The fear of man bringeth a snare: but whoso putteth his trust in the LORD shall be safe.

Proverbs 29:25

So many of us have the testimony of, "I wouldn't be here today, except by God's protecting hand," and we can point to a specific instance where the undeniable hand of God protected us. This sister shares her testimony of one of those times.

I was sitting here this morning thinking on the things of God, and I started realizing that how I could grow even more in God was really just as simple as listening to tapes of the Message of the hour.

I began to reflect on a period in my life that I am certainly not proud of, but I give all the glory to God that I came through it alive, and I am able to now serve God and appreciate His forgiveness in my life.

I'll keep the story as vague as possible because of my shame in the way that I lived for this period of time. I was living in Mexico, and I became acquainted with some people that lived down there that were on the bad side of the law.

One day I was sitting in my car down in Mexico, and I put on a tape of Brother Branham. One of the criminal leaders that live down there told me later that the reason that she has spared my life was the sermon she heard coming from my car.

She sent someone over to hear what it was, and they came back and told her it sounded like a man preaching because he was talking about God. She then went over closer to the car and listened to what he was saying, and she told me later that she agreed with everything she heard.

I told her that if she accepted and believed the part she had heard, that she could have Eternal Life because he was the end time messenger. I never saw her again after that but my point is this, Pressing Play actually saved my physical life as well as my spiritual life.

Sister Debra McGinty