The Eternal Word

The Word of God is eternal. What does that mean to us? It means that we can claim every story in the Bible as our own because it is as true today as it was the day it happened. David killing Goliath has applications in our lives when we come against insurmountable odds, but trust in the power of the Lord Jesus. The bravery of Esther standing for God’s people can be seen throughout the Message of the hour when we stand up for what is right, no matter the cost. We can see ourselves in Peter as he fails over and over, but finally rises to the occasion. And most of all, we strive to handle every situation like our Lord Jesus would have.

If Brother Branham preached the Word (and he did!), then we can also claim what he said as our own. This Brazilian brother applied the Word to his life, and you will soon read the results.

I would like to tell a small testimony of healing of sinusitis I received during a Wednesday service. The service was very inspiring, and it was a healing service that day (on the tape). During the service my heart was feeling something very strong inside me, like something was telling me something. Our prophet began to prepare the prayer line, then a very great desire to be healed come to me that night because Brother Branham asked those who did not have a prayer card to raise their hands to receive healing as well.

When the prophet began to discern the problem of the second brother, he was talking directly to me. He said a brother in the audience had sinus trouble, and that if he believed that Brother Branham was a prophet of God, he would be healed at that moment. At that very moment the prophet also said the brother’s wife was by his side, praying for him. I looked at my wife and held her hand, believing in my complete healing.

The next day I was fully healed, but along the day, near the end of it, I started to feel some pain in my face. Then immediately it came to my mind that once my prophet had said in a service that Satan tries to do everything so that you do not believe you received your healing. But I stayed firmly on what I had received from God through my prophet that night. I turned to the devil and said that those pains I felt for years I had left that night, now they belonged to him and not to me anymore. And thanks to our Lord, to this day I have never felt any pain in my face.

Many may say that the days of miracles are past, but how then do they explain what it says in Hebrews 13:8? The Word is unique and does not change. As it was at that time, I believe it is today, where we have a prophet proving it through the numerous cures that our brothers and sisters around the world receive every day and we are witnesses of it through the branham.org website.

Brother Anderson Mello