Protecting Hand

The Apostle Paul wrote in his second letter to the Christians in Thessalonica, “But the Lord is faithful, who shall stablish you, and keep you from evil.” If the enemy can’t get us to disbelieve, then he often brings his attack against our physical bodies. So many of us have the testimony of, "I wouldn't be here today, except by God's protecting hand," and we can point to a specific instance where the undeniable hand of God protected us. This brother shares his testimony of one of those times. He would have lost his legs, and possibly his life, if it were not for the Lord lifting a truck safely over his body. 

Greetings to the Bride of the Lord Jesus Christ!

I have always loved sports, specifically bicycling. I have fallen off many times, but I have been unscathed for His Glory.

I want to share two significate experiences in my life, and I hope my words will help the Bride of Christ.

I live in Colombia where cycling is practiced on one-way roads in the mountains. Descending is dangerous on these windy roads because of high speeds.

This past July, I was turning fast in a sharp curve. It was a rainy day, and I realized that a 4.5-ton truck was in front of me. I tried to stop the bike, but it was too late, and I slid.

I thought that it was my last day on earth. The Lord permitted the driver to make a turn, but the rear tires passed over my legs. When the tires went over my legs, I heard as if the truck had hit a stone. The truck leaped, and since I knew that I was going to crash myself, I called the Name of the Lord. I was sure that my bones were going to be fractured, and that I would be crippled. There was alot of blood around me as I waited for the ambulance, which arrived an hour and a half later.

I was entering hypothermia because the place is cold, but before the ambulance arrived, I felt the need to stretch my leg because of the pain. When I did this, it felt, and the leg sounded as if the bone righted itself inside the leg. (I believe this was the hand of God)

When I arrived at the hospital, the doctors did not believe what happened, and they said that it was just a miracle because a little car would do more damage. A truck that size should have done severe damage.

All they had to do was repair a vein, and now, I just feel pain in my legs sometimes because our Lord healed them.

I have my God’s Name on my tires, and His Name is in my heart. May His Name be exalted. I appreciate the prayers of the saints, and I want to share these experiences with you to encourage you of His protecting hand.

This Message has changed my life, and the Lord has been with me in every difficult situation since I accepted Him.

Brother Pablo Peña