Tape Boy

From a mother who didn’t want him, to finding God’s Message, to catching the vision, to losing almost everything, here is a stirring testimony about a Tape Boy in the country of Colombia.

My whole life has been marked by supernatural events, and I have felt the hand of the Lord guiding my steps since I can remember. They even tell me my mother tried to abort me while she was pregnant, and then when I was only 15 days of age, she went to toss me into a river from a nearby bridge.

It was then that a woman ran to her and asked what she was doing. The woman took me in her arms and said she would keep me and would be my mother from then on. She raised me as her own child, and then again when I was three years old while she was washing clothes in a raft, I fell in the river. She went for help and when they came, I was hanging from my foot on a tree branch. As soon as my foot was loose from the branch, somebody got my hand and saved me. I have many other experiences and testimonies how the Lord kept me in my youth from many accidents and dangers.

I started reading the Bible and I saw things that I had never seen or heard in my life. I felt in my heart to share these golden nuggets with some neighbours and friends. We just got together and I would read from my Bible to them. They liked this very much and the comments I made afterwards. After two months there were about 28 people gathering to read God’s Word. I started looking for churches where to attend but none of them filled my heart the way the Bible did for me.

It was about this time that I visited a denominational brother, who also had a shop, and he had a small brochure in his shop window. It said “The Spoken Word” and the sermon was “The Absolute.” I wanted to take a look at it but the brother told me, “You cannot read this. It is too deep for you!” I asked him, “Do you believe what’s in that book?” He said, “Yes.” I asked him why he did not tell me about this before. He said that he was thinking about telling me about this book someday. I grabbed the book from his hand and told him, “Today is the day, my friend.” I came home and as soon as I opened the first page, a Voice came to my heart and said, “This is my Word and my Message.” I said aloud, “I believe It with all my heart.” Since that moment I became a believer of this precious Message.

One day while I was sitting at my desk, I saw a magazine called, “Catch The Vision.” I had been preaching the Message for 20 years, but something struck my heart when I read the article called “The Voice of God is on the tapes.” It told the story of Brother John in Africa and how Brother Branham came to him in a dream and told him he was a “tape boy.” I remembered a quote of the Message where the prophet mentions the spies in Jericho playing the tapes secretly in Rahab’s house. Something in my heart said, “I like that!” I realized I had listened to the tapes before, but I had not really caught the vision.

After a few months, I went to the city of Puerto Leguizamo to play the Voice of God there. I spoke to the local pastor there and told him that we should introduce Elijah to the people. He agreed, and when I spoke to the local congregation, a great sudden revival erupted and all of us came out to the streets lifting up the pictures of the Supernatural Cloud and the Pillar of Fire.

We marched through the streets with Message books in our hands while a brother with his vehicle played the tape, “What Is The Attraction On The Mountain.” We arrived to a park and I told them that the prophet would be with us soon, so they could bring their sick people, and no matter what the illness was, God could still perform miracles. The people started asking, “Where is this Elijah?” We set up a TV set and we played the film, “The Deep Calleth To The Deep.” The crowd lined up in a long prayer line while the prophet preached, and I could see there were people with cancer and given up by the doctors. Praise the Lord! All of them were healed! At the end of this glorious meeting I told the people, “If God is God then serve Him, or serve Baal and go after him.” The people screamed, “We want the God of Elijah.” Several people bent their knees and accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour that night.

The wife and I are witnesses of many occasions when we have encountered dangers on the road and the tape that is playing tells us exactly what to do in that moment and to trust in His grace. Also, many times we have seen how in a tape service, Brother Branham discerns and speaks to the people in the audience naming their illnesses and these are exactly what the people are suffering with. Then, they are prayed for by the prophet and they get well. Praise the Lord for this!

The enemy has not been idle and he has come like a river against me and my family. My house has been flooded by water and burnt with fire but, glory to His Name, I have always found comfort in His Word as I listen to a tape that seems to speak to me in a direct way.


Sometime after this I felt in my heart to go to the border with Ecuador and preach the Message there. An army corporal there told me that I could present the Message of this Elijah to the army if I wanted. Well, I did and the Colombia army raised a banner of the Cloud and the Pillar of Fire in their regiment.

After this campaign in the border, I received a call that my house had completely burned. I returned home and indeed it was fully destroyed. To my surprise, everything was burned but the sermon books, Bibles, and microSD cards were left intact. I took a book from the ashes and it said, “If God Is For Us Then Where Are His Miracles?”

Certainly His Voice has been my comfort and balm through all the tests and trials in my life.

We have started an internet group that listens to tapes where individuals and families get together to hear the Voice of God in this last age.

Your brother in Christ,

Julian Andres Delgado