YF Australia 2018

How wonderful and marvellous is His works. His signs and wonders are a past finding out. Oh, how wonderful. Oh, He's glorious.

58-1004 Faith Is Our Victory

The Young Foundations Australian team sent in a report of YF events held at the local office. They were ecstatic to see the hand of the Lord working in the hearts and lives of the local youth.

YF Sing-Along

In March the local youth came together for a special sing-along. The evening started with an energetic volleyball match with older youth and fast pace team games for the younger youth. After a nice supper of pizza, the youth leapt with gusto into the singing. Some of the youth played their own instruments while others joined them clapping and singing as joyful voices thronged into the night. At the midway point, we knelt to spend a wonderful Quiet Time with the Lord. It was an exceptional evening and all the youth enjoyed the time immensely.

Cub Day

In April we hosted a memorable day for the cubs. It was a fun-packed afternoon starting with the Creations website activity, "Justified." The cubs eagerly cut and glued all the pieces to create a masterpiece. After completing the Justified project, the cubs had a group photo and proudly displayed their work. They eagerly participated in the games that followed — playing relay skipping rope races, egg and spoon races, and balloon pop with a Scripture verse, Romans 8:1, inside for the cubs to memorize. The cubs happily watched How We Do It At VGR: Cleaning and Robin Red Breast. They also had a short quiz to test their knowledge on the Justified project. Singing sweetly, they entered into silent prayer for Quiet Time. We felt the presence of the sweet Holy Spirit; It’s truly our Token today. Adventuring into the eatery, the cubs were thrilled to see an appetizing afternoon dessert laid out before them. It was a blessing to all who attended.

Creations Day

In July a creations day was held for 5 to 14 years old. It was an inspiring time for everyone. The youth quickly stepped into games and had an awesome time playing Nerf gun games: shoot the turkey, back to back shootouts and more, rounded off with some active rope skipping. The brothers dived into their creations project, "The Sword of the Spirit," and the sisters zoomed over to their project, witnessing wallet. It was an awesome time for all the youth as the brothers built their swords together and the sisters sewed their wallets. The youth learned about Acts 1:8 and Ephesians 6:17. They joined together for Quiet Time and watched How We Do It AT VGR: Kitchen and Simple Little Pigeon, followed by a quiz to test their knowledge. Delicious cakes and drinks were provided by the hardworking chaperones. It was a unique day everyone enjoyed themselves.


Anticipations sparked excitement as the event drew near. What a blessing to see all the happy faces as the young people arrived for the bonfire. The older youth moved straight into the action with some awesome games of Around The World Table Tennis. The cubs were full of vigor and eagerly participated in all the games, ending their session with an action-packed Nerf gun shoot out.

Although the weather was wet, we didn’t let it dampen our spirits. The youth sang around the inside gas fire as it poured outside; the Lord provided a great night for everyone. When the rain stopped we all ran out and melted marshmallows on the fire.

The Holy Spirit joined us as we worshipped and praised Him. The youth listened intently as Brother Branham shared part of his Life Story 59-0419A. The tape quiz demonstrated their amazing recall; what a blessing to hear the Voice. It was so wonderful to see all the youth happily marching around the fire, singing and clapping and praising the Lord!

We are so grateful to the Lord Jesus Christ for His Love. And so thankful to Brother Joseph for allowing these events to take place, and to you, the Bride, who support this work to create opportunities to keep this Life-Giving Word before the youth. Brother Branham said, “That's the absolute holding there, the Word, that north Star, that compass that stays right with It. That's what we need.”

YF Australia