Not Far Away

Many time, people think they have to have some supernatural faith, to be a believer. It isn’t. The hyssop speaks for that, just common weeds that you could get it anywhere, pick it up, dip it in the blood, and apply the blood. The Blood, tonight, is applied by simple faith. Just not nothing supernatural; it’s right around you, everywhere. Just simply, like a child, reach out and get a hold of it, and apply the Blood. The hyssop is just a simple child-like faith, for the believer. It isn’t something out of your reach. You don’t have to reach very far to get it.

64-0208 The Token

The following testimony is from a young brother in Canada who had lost a large sum of money with little hope of it ever showing up again, but as you might guess, God had something special in store. Brother Theo prayed the prayer of faith, and God answered!

Last week I was working on my fort, and when I came back home, I noticed that my $100 bill was missing.

I had put it in my pant pocket, and it must have fallen out. I was really sad and didn't tell my parents until a couple days later. When they heard, my parents were upset with me, and they told me to go outside and search again with my brothers.

It had been missing for about 4-5 days, we had stormy weather, and we live on an acreage. I had no idea where to look, but before I started searching, I prayed. I went out that day and found nothing.

Yesterday I took my dog out, and I saw something that looked like a giant leaf blowing across the yard. I went up to it to find out it was my $100 bill; it was so amazing. I grabbed it, came in and told everyone.

Then I went to my room to thank Jesus for giving it back to me!

Praise the Lord.


Theo Harvey (almost 8 years old)