WhatsApp Channels

For the majority of the world, WhatsApp has become the primary source of communication. For that reason, VGR is constantly working to make this a more seamless resource for the 120,000 plus believers who count on WhatsApp communications from VGR.

This article is to announce an updated way to stay connected with us on WhatsApp! We're switching from our current WhatsApp broadcast system to a more seamless method, called WhatsApp Channels. These “Channels” give us the ability to send content directly to your specified language and region, so that there’s not hours of delay in receiving the content, and we no longer have to spend countless hours manually sending to dozens of numbers we previously created for this purpose.

Starting today, you can join our WhatsApp Channel for Lifeline and the Branham Tabernacle. The switch is simple—click on the link below using your phone, provide some basic contact information, and then 'Follow' our channels. The reason we ask for your phone number and region is so we can send you relevant local updates for your area.

To allow plenty of time for the transition, our existing WhatsApp broadcast system will remain active until January 15, 2024.

🔗 Signup Link: https://branham.org/whatsapp

Important: This will be replacing the current WhatsApp broadcast system and it is required that you sign up at the link to continue receiving WhatsApp notifications.

As always, we’re under anticipation to see what the Lord will continue to do for His beloved Bride.