Pivotal Time In Russia

Recently, an accusation has been brought by Russian prosecutors, calling Brother Branham’s Message “extremism.” Prosecutors are moving to have at least 21 sermons, including the Church Age book, banned in that country. It was rumored that there were arrests concerning this issue and a container of material was confiscated, but those rumors are not true.

Prosecutors are arguing extremism; however, their evidence is distorted. Whoever brought the case against us picked quotes from various sermons, and spliced them together in a way that misrepresents what Brother Branham was trying to say. We hope the court will see this distortion of facts and rule accordingly.

The court date is scheduled for Monday, November 20, when a judge will hear arguments on both sides. The court could decide on 21 sermons, either deeming them “extremist” material and banning them from the country, or allowing the literature to remain. If banned, then there will probably be a push to ban all the English and Russian translations of Brother Branham’s Message.

This case on Monday has enormous implications for Russian believers. The Message of the hour faces banishment in the largest and one of the most powerful countries on earth. We ask that God’s people go to prayer over this matter.

We will post updates as they come in.

“The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.” Oh, if you only knew that, in your hand, Christ gave us the authority, with His Name, by being Christians, the most powerful weapon the world has ever known. Prayer, it even changes everything.

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