Happy Thanksgiving!

From all of us at VGR, may The Lord be with you this Thanksgiving holiday.


We are Your people; we’re not under any—any bondage. We are free. The Son has made us free, and we are free indeed to serve our Lord and our Father. We thank Thee. Talk about a thanksgiving day for freedom, we’ve got a real…we…Every day’s a thanksgiving day; every hour’s a thanksgiving day. I, who was once blind can now see; I, who was a sinner am now saved. O God, how free we are, how we can give You thanksgiving, thanksgiving from our heart that Jesus Christ the Son of God is not dead but He’s alive among us tonight, proving Himself alive by signs, wonders, and miracles, pouring out the Holy Ghost upon His church in this last days just before His appearing. And signs and wonders appearing everywhere, marvelous things…And the God of Heaven…Oh, Hallelujah, giving praise and glory unto God. Oh, how we thank You for these things. It’s a real thanksgiving in our heart. Receive the praises of Your people, Lord. We love You. We know that You are, and a Rewarder of those that diligently seek You.

Father God, save the sinner; bring the backslider back home; fill the believer with the Holy Ghost; heal the sick and the afflicted; get glory unto Yourself. We feel something moving. In the last few years there’s been something taking place, the Spirit of God has been moving across the country; great revivals and signs are showing of His coming. There’s earthquakes in divers places; the sea has taken nervous prostration, spurting forth great tidal waves. All…Man’s hearts are failing with fear, distress between nations, perplexed of time, Israel returning, the fig tree putting forth its buds; we’re at the end time.

59-1126 - "Jehovah Of Miracles"