The Eagles Gathering Together

Dear Redeemed Ones,

What another glorious time we had on Sunday, as we sat together and listened to the Holy Spirit speak to us through His chosen vessel, and reveal His Word to us. When dismissing us, he encouraged us once again as he told us, we shall know Him, and redeemed by His side we shall stand, we shall know Him by the prints of the nails in His hands.

Then he told us to take the Name of Jesus with us, and to fall prostrate at His feet by gathering our families together and having family prayer.

He even told us how we should approach Him tonight in our prayer meeting.

Oh, Church of God, don’t fail to get this! The worshipper, once truly walks up to the Son of God and by faith lays his hands upon Him (Oh, my!), look there in His face with that spit hanging in His face, the Blood running down His face, feel the pains of “My God! My God! Why hast Thou forsaken Me?” Oh, brother, when you see what a price that died for you, and Who It was, Emmanuel, God dying in your place.

What another wonderful time we will have tonight communing with Him.

Bro. Joseph Branham

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