Hearing For The First Time

Our work in the Democratic Republic of Congo started gathering momentum when Brother Joseph first visited the capital city of Kinshasa in 1986. Over the last 32 years, the work has grown from a handful of distribution centers and roughly 10,000 believers, to over 100 distribution centers, over 15,000 churches, hundreds of sub-centers, and about 1.5 million believers.

Another vital part of God’s great machine continues to be Tape Boys, not only in central Africa, but worldwide doing their part to catch as many as Father has given with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. These brothers remain committed to one goal: Get the Message to their people at all costs.

The following videos are from a Tape Boy team from the Kinshasa area, who traveled 200 miles to a remote village called Masamuna (departure from Kinshasa was 6pm and arrived in Masamuna at 5am). This was a rendezvous point where they would meet up with a pastor from a village nowhere to be found on most maps called, Dunda (21 miles and 2 hours by motorbike).

Why would they go to such trouble for little more than a spot on the map? Because waiting in this village of about 100 people is a portion of God’s Bride who hunger to hear His prophet’s voice for the very FIRST TIME in their lives.

This is the pastor’s home in the village of Dunda, who accepted the Message and they are hearing Brother Branham’s voice for the first time in their lives.

After being in the village, Masamuna, a contact took the team to a remote village called Mbamba to have a service with the locals. In the video Brother Branham speaks, then it is translated into French, then it is translated into the local tribal language (Kingongo dialect).

The Tape Boy team spent over a week playing the Voice of God to this generation. Some families wanted to have their own home tape services.

Many ministers had come through the village, many caravans, and travelers over the years, but this was the first time Brother Branham would visit them by way of the tapes.