Zambia Distribution Trip

Brother Maurice Phiri, VGR office manager in Zambia, reports of the good news of a recent distribution trip in Zambia.

Zambia Office Report: October 2020 Distribution Trip to Choma, Zambia

Greetings beloved Saints.

It is always exciting to brag about what the Lord is doing around the world "In This Last Days" - However, after a little quiet and sober moment of reflection, the feelings of gratitude and indebtedness overwhelm us especially that some great things are happening right in our communities, for the benefit of our kin.

The Voice of God Zambia office has over the past several years distributed the Message of The Hour in many different forms: Books, Tapes, e-books, MP3 discs, and more recently, Micro SD cards.

Last year, through the generosity of the Saints in the VGR network, we received a shipment of Agapao Tablets for distribution. Our first Agapao tour was conducted in December 2019, mostly through the towns along the line of rail in our Southern Province, including Livingstone, (home of the Victoria Falls - one of the 7 natural wonders of the world). On this tour, however, we bypassed Choma town at the centre of the province, by reason of sheer number of Believers in and around it. Choma required a dedicated tour of it's own.

Despite the social interruptions the world over, we finally managed to take the Word to the Saints of Choma town and the greater surrounding countryside last week. Over the course of a couple of days, making sure that we adhered to the government health guidelines, we met the overjoyed Believers, explaining to them our mission and handing them the precious cargo that we brought to them.

The town of Choma lies about 300km (188 miles) from the capital, Lusaka. Much work has been done by ministers of the gospel in this town over the years; so much so that the Message has infiltrated distant country and jungle - from the shores of Lake Kariba on the south to the Kafue River in the north, and all through Namwala and Itezhi-Tezhi westward. These areas are vast considering the type of transportation the people of this region use.

Predominantly, the Chitonga speaking people occupy these lands. We are thankful that by the grace of our Lord, the translation of the Message in Chitonga by VGR continues smoothly through our translators. To date, over 100 translated Tapes have been recorded in Chitonga at our Zambia office studio - all for the blessing of the Saints and the predestinated souls that continue receiving This Word.

Our mission to the Saints as we traverse these lands remains the same - Give the Message of Brother Branham into the hands of the people. With the Agapao tablet, this is the most comprehensive, most complete medium yet.

  • Countless are the testimonies of the Saints getting to hear That Voice for the very first time.
  • How That Voice enables them to have peace in their homes amidst spiritualists.
  • How that they have been healed through listening to That Voice -- all coming from our people.

It is a very humbling experience indeed.

So we set off from our office on Thursday afternoon, 10/15/2020 for the 4-hour drive, settled in comfortably and prepared ourselves for the task that lay ahead.

The actual distribution took place on Friday and Saturday; with the Saints from far-flung areas served first on Friday.

We repeated our message to the Believers that gathered; encouraging them to utilize the tablets well, care for them and soliciting their prayers as we continue to serve the Bride in this part of the world.

We also delivered a word from our president, Brother Joseph Branham, much to the delight of the Saints.

A total of 940 families received a tablet on this trip. We continue receiving calls and actual physical visits at our office from those who missed the opportunity. It is surreal.

The faces of gratitude for receiving a tablet were plenty. The prayers and goodwill we received imparted more energy within us to keep going. We believe the pictures will tell this story better.

By the grace of God, we're back at base now and we appreciate the Lord for everything. We appreciate Br Joseph and the entire VGR team in Jeffersonville for their dedication, vision and continued burden for the natives of Africa and the rest of the world. Our sincere gratitude also goes to the Saints that keep supporting this work through sponsorships, contributions and prayers. Your work is not in vain at all.

The Lord bless you all,

Maurice Phiri

Zambia Office