A Beloved Brother

It is with heavy hearts that we announce the passing of a beloved office assistant, Brother Marius Rudat, in Namibia.

The following was written by Brother Keith Herne, South Africa manager.

Brother Marius started at the Windhoek Voice of God library in January 2001, during the time when Brother Innocent and Brother Mouton managed the office. He wasn't an educated man, but he loved this Message and he had a tremendous passion for souls. There were times that I accompanied him when he visited the hospitals in Windhoek to spread the Message among the patients and to pray for them. It was visiting times, so the visitors also had to listen to him.

Brother Marius would call everyone who was in the ward to attention to what he was testifying about Brother Branham, and he would get them to close their eyes while he would pray for them. He would make sure that they would leave with either a book or a tract.

Brother Marius made such an impression that the nuns at the catholic hospital would eagerly look forward to his visits and give him carte blanche to share the Message with the patients. His love for souls was contagious and very obvious.


When he had his little Message stall at the market place where he displayed and distributed the books and tracts of Brother Branham, he would stop everyone who would pass by, invite them, and introduce them to the Message. His approach was very unique, he would stop them and tell them not to take another step further until they allow him to tell them about the prophet that God sent. The regulars at his stall just simply loved Brother Marius. I know that he will be sorely missed by the people of Namibia, but he left a testimony that he loved the Lord and the Message.

Brother Marius died of a heart attack. He was 44 years old.

Brother Keith