Have Faith

We received this testimony from a family in India who is sharing their testimony of faith in God’s unfailing promises. That faith produced one of the greatest gifts this life can afford.

I am Brother Mark, a believer of the Message of the hour, from Kottayam District of Kerala, south India. I am of 39 years and my wife is 33 years old. We got married on September 16, 2014.

After two or three months of our union, we could tell something was wrong, so we visited a gynecologist in our own city, and she suggested my wife to go through a scan to understand what was happening. It was awful results. On the scan, we all found out that my wife’s reproduction system was not working correctly and pregnancy was not possible. She suggested she take some medicine, but together we believed our Lord, started praying, and decided not to go for treatment.

A year later, in September 2015, I attended a meeting at Trivandrum of Kerala, where one of the ministers shared a testimony of a sister in his congregation had become with child through use of the prayer cloth.

After the meeting, I came back home and shared the testimony with my wife, and she asked me get the prayer cloth. I made a call to our brother at Trivandrum, and asked for a cloth for my wife also, and he told me to come and collect it.

So the next day I have traveled on a four-hour journey, by bus, from my hometown to collect the cloth. I got it on the 16th of February 2016, and put it upon her heart for 28 days and believed.

We continually put the cloth on her for 28 days, once a day at the time we pray together. Even after 28 days, we put it again for 3 to 4 days, and it was then we realized that the Lord God had shown grace to us. We visited the hospital and they took the test and found a positive result.

My wife is eight months in pregnancy now, and we are expecting God’s gift’s arrival by next month. She is doing very well and in good health.

Thanks be to God for sending the prophet of the hour.

Bro. Mark

Kerala, S.India

VGR still sends out prayer cloths to those who would like to have one. Simply send us a letter or an email, and we will send you the cloth.