The Right Motive

If I had a need of it, I believe if I'd ask Him, He'd tell me. But first, you see, your motives and objectives has to be right. You have to have reasons for this. God don't give you those things just because you ask. And you cannot ask in faith unless there's a real objective to that, to be in the will of God. See, if you want to be well, what do you want to be well for? See, if you want to be healed, what's the reason you want to be healed? What are you telling God? What do you want to do with your life when you get healed? See, there's got to be…you've got to have a motive and objective, and they have to be right according to the will of God. And then's when the faith is revealed to you, and God by His sovereign grace places that faith in there, then it's over.

65-1127E I Have Heard But Now I See

What an example this young lady is! She struggled with power outages and equipment problems, but had patience. Her motive was to hear the Word, and not only did she receive what she asked for, but the Lord gave her a testimony to share with the world.

I would like to share this testimony, of what the Lord has done for me. I usually follow the Jubilee sermons at home using my laptop, which unfortunately has a battery problem. It cannot hold charge for long time, and the only way I can listen to a sermon to the end is to have the charger plugged in while I’m listening. Sometimes that's not possible as I stay in Luanda Angola, a city with electricity problems (we can stay for days without electricity).

Saturday as I woke up, I noticed that we had electricity so I decided to listen to the sermon “The Rapture,” because I wasn’t sure if later on we would still have electricity. I reached out for my SD card, but when I plug it in, the laptop could not read the card. I retried a few more times, but nothing. So I just left it and that same day, in the evening, I tried again but still was unsuccessful.

On Monday the 7th, when I got to work, I downloaded the sermons. That night when I got home, to my surprise there was no electricity, but by God's grace the generator (which was broken for months) had been repaired and was working. So I went to my room to listen to the sermon "Leadership.”

I started listening but after listening for 57 minutes the generator was off and the charge that was on my laptop could only last for 10 minutes or less. I got sad knowing that one more sermon will be unfinished. Right there while the sermon was still playing I bowed my head and said, “Lord thank you for that Grace that thou gave me to listen to the portion of the message though it’s not finished. A word from you is always enough. Thank you.”

I lifted up my head and looked at the laptop; the charge was at the lowest level. I knew any second it would shut off. I looked up at the bulb, and said, “Lord please send the electricity so that I may finish the sermon.” Then I looked at the laptop to check the running time, but to my surprise when I looked at the charge of the battery of the laptop it was powered half way. I looked again, yes it was half loaded.

There was no electricity, and the generator was off. A few seconds back the charge was at the lowest level, but now is half loaded. Praise be to GOD. I Not only finished listening to the sermon “The Rapture,” but I also went back to where I left the sermon “Leadership” the night before. My heart couldn't take so much joy. Tears of joy came from my eyes and I just thanked and praised the Lord. Thank you Lord, thou art still Jehovah-Jireh.

All the glory is to Him alone for His love and mercy.

Your sister in Christ

Sister Alice

Angola, Africa