Greetings in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ!

I pray that this Thanksgiving greeting finds you all well in body, strong in Spirit, and giving thanks for the many blessings that the Lord gives us every single day.

Thanksgiving is an American holiday that celebrates a day set aside by our forefathers to return thanks to the Lord. It’s a special day to all of us because it is one of the few holidays that Brother Branham recognized. Here is what the prophet told us about this special day:

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, a day that's set aside where our pilgrim forefathers set that day aside to give thanks to God for what we had—what He had done for us, for blessing them, giving them crops and so forth. It's one real American day. All the other days, like Saint Patrick's, and so forth, come from across the seas. But this is an American holiday: Thanksgiving Day.


He also made sure to tell us that Thanksgiving is a Protestant holiday.

We only have one Protestant holiday in America, and Mr. Roosevelt changed that for us. Uh-huh. That's Thanksgiving. The rest of them are all Catholic days, every one of them.


Thanksgiving is built on a solid foundation, and I want to encourage you take a few moments this weekend to return thanks. But let’s do a little more this year. Start with someone who you appreciate, but often take for granted. With the busy lifestyle of the modern world, we don’t take enough time to recognize each other. Thank the custodian in church. Thank the deacon that is always there for you. Thank your son or daughter, thank your mother or father, thank your friends, thank the clerk behind the counter for his/her help; take some time to recognize kindness that often goes unnoticed. Then, after you have given thanks to these people, go before the Father in prayer and ask His blessings upon them for all that they do. And, most importantly, thank the Lord Jesus. After all, it DID come from Him in the first place!

This Thanksgiving has the potential to be the best ever!

God bless you, my friends. Keep pressing the battle, we’re almost Home.

Brother Joseph