On The Distribution Trail - Kenya #1

With an estimated 50,000 believers in the East African country of Kenya, hunger is abundant for the Word of the Lord and excitement continues to grow about the Agapao Tablet and much easier access to the Message. What was just a handful of churches 34 years ago when VGR produced Vision for Africa, now has grown into a country of over 1,300 Message churches.

Over the next few posts, we will journey along with parts of a 17-day distribution trip to the coast of Kenya with Brothers John Kamwati and Edwin Maturwe (VGR Nairobi office). The brothers set out distributing 1,085 microSD cards to over 1,000 families in 72 churches. The team delivered much-needed material and spread the good news of the Agapao Tablet’s soon arrival.

The following report highlights a few of the days on the brothers' recent trip.


What a fantastic day it truly was. Every day has its own new experiences, but the results are the same. Words cannot explain how grateful the believers are. Our cry to the saints has been the same,” TO KEEP PRESSING PLAY.”

On this fourth day, we set out to a place called Holla or Bura at 7:28 AM and arrived at 10:20 AM. It is around 160 km and 3 hours’ drive from Mpeketoni (our last stop).

There are two small churches in this region. Just like yesterday, we traveled in the most rural region first, as we plan to start moving towards a more populated region tomorrow.

Our distribution center was at the Hola church. When planning, we saw that it would have been costly for the brethren to travel all the way to Mpeketoni because of a lack of traveling means. Instead, it was easier for us to go to them and serve them from their region.

We, as the VGR Team, are glad to know that it has been just by His amazing grace. We are thrilled to receive a good reception from the churches, and things have been running smoothly.

Please receive greetings from the believers in all the places we visited, and they told us to say a BIG thank you to Brother Joseph, the VGR team, and all those who support the work as well.

We shared with them on the spiritual value of what they were about to receive by encouraging the believers on the importance of listening to the tapes.

We also explained to them the features and content of what each person was about to receive.

We both assisted one another on issuing of the cards and counterchecking on the forms to see whether they have been filled properly.

  • HOLA CHURCH - We distributed 2 MicroSD cards
  • BURA CHURCH - We distributed 7 MicroSD cards

We distributed a total of nine microSD cards. Every family received free Message books, as well. Tomorrow we are looking forward to serving six churches in Kilifi county at Kilifi Church.

It was a very successful mission because every family was covered. Thank you for your prayers, as we are looking forward to another victorious day tomorrow.

We had a great day full of God’s blessings. Today we served nine churches in the Kilifi area.

There was a great turnout today, and we are looking forward to even a busier day ahead as we will be heading to big towns.

We set out for Kilifi at 8:30 AM. Kilifi is a one-hour drive from Malindi and is one of the significant towns in Kilifi County, together with Malindi. Our venue today was at Pastor Ipu Bonaya's church.

We learned a lot from Bro Mbise (VGR Tanzania) during our first distribution trip, and we felt like this is just a continuation of that trip. Although this trip is different compared to our first leg with the fact that the turn out of the believers has been tremendous, and the love amongst the brethren is felt to be even stronger.

Brothers, please note that from the bottom of our hearts, we are not just writing this to make it sound like a good report, but this trip has made a tremendous impact to many of which only God knows.

We have had believers in the places that we visited, since Monday, saying that it is for the first time in many years that the believers from different doctrines can meet in one sitting and shake hands and hug one another and call one another, “my precious brother.”

The church at Kilifi had prepared lunch for all the visitors that had come. We ate rice and beef, and we drank fruit juice.

What a time of fellowship it really was, also being on a normal working day and to see such a large turnout, truly, we don’t take it for granted, but to thank the Lord for the Love that the saints here have for VGR.

We, as the VGR team, also had prepared some full course meals for the Bride in this region.

We also are updating them about the Agapao tablets, because it is a question that we are being asked everywhere we go.

On this stop, we distributed a total of 97 microSD cards in 9 churches.

We will post part 2 of the Kenya distribution trip in the days to come.