On the Distribution Trail - Kenya #3

We pick up with brothers on the final day of their two-week distribution trip to eastern Kenya. On day 16, the brothers are near the border of Tanzania distributing the last of their supplies and are already thinking of the work ahead. Teams like this all over the world continue to press toward the finish line. Here is the Kenyan brothers' report. 


I just wanted to let you all know that we traveled back yesterday from 3:30 PM, and we arrived safely to our homes at around 10:00 PM.

Sunday was our final day, and it was the day that we distributed to the last churches at Taita Taveta County.


On this day 16, we also had two distribution locations, that is, one at Taveta Town Church and the other at a church in Elboro village near the border of Kenya and Tanzania.

Taita Taveta church distribution

We started our journey to Taveta at 9:20 AM and arrived at 10:40 AM. We were so surprised that there was a church that had closed its doors on this Sunday and came to the service at Tavata, something that we didn’t plan.

We didn’t want to tamper with the regular service since it was on Sunday. But this church decided that they wanted to come together and fellowship together, yet these two churches had never met for a long time. We thank God for that.


We served three churches from here.

  1. Chala Church – Distributed 1 microSD card.
  2. Soweni Church – Distributed 12microSD cards.
  3. Taveta Church – Distributed 26 microSD cards.

We distributed a TOTAL of 39 microSD cards.

Elboro Church Distribution

Elboro village is a village that borders Tanzania. People from this village can walk to Tanzania. We proceeded to Elboro from Taita Taveta town church at around 1:45 p.m. It's approximately 30 minutes’ drive from Taveta Church.