A Meal For The Prophet

In 1951, Brother Branham traveled to South Africa for what some say was the “greatest visitation South Africa ever received.”

During his travels, he visited a farm 75 miles outside of Cape Town, in the city of Caledon. It was here that a mother of ten, by the name of Sister Anna Beukes, had one of the greatest opportunities in her life: to prepare a meal for God’s servant.

We received this testimony and video from a brother in South Africa. The video was made in 1986, during a youth camp held on the farm.

The video is of Sister Anna Beukes, who prepared a meal for Brother Branham in 1951. There was a picture taken with Brother Branham and her children who were at home during the time Brother Branham visited their farm. Brother Jurie Beukes, Emsie's dad, was three years old then.

Brother Ern Baxter, Brother Branham, and Sister Anna Beukes' children

In April 1990, Brother Joseph, Brother Billy Paul and Brother David Branham visited our country, and if I remember correctly, they traveled the best they could the same route Brother Branham did in 1951.

Brother Theo Erasmus (the Brother sitting in the chair in the video) then thought it was good idea to ask Sister Elbie Beukes, who was at that time living on the farm, to prepare the meal again for (the Branham family), as she was also a good cook and knew what her mother-in-law prepared in 1951. That was the very same night Brother Joseph and Brother Billy Paul prayed for us to have a baby and our Elbie was born 40 weeks later.

Brother Carl Pohl

South Africa