Called To Action

A translator here at VGR has a very difficult job. It requires a vast knowledge of the Word, dedication to the work, and most of all, a consecrated soul that has a close relationship with the Lord Jesus. After all, the words that they are translating are far more important than even life or death. Those words are God’s personal Message to His Bride. You can probably imagine how seriously these brothers and sisters take their work.

In this case, the Lord used that close relationship to do a very different job. The couple was called to duty when a man who worked for them, but was not serving the Lord, became gravely ill. Here is the testimony from Brother Pandu and his wife, Sister Illenimo, VGR Oshikwanyama translators in the country of Namibia, Africa.

Festus Simeon, known as Kabila, is our houseworker in the village called King Kauluma. He has been sick for two weeks after quitting smoking and drinking alcohol a couple months back. He started coughing and his legs and feet became extremely swollen. We advised him to go to the hospital, but he secretly went to the witchdoctor. Obviously, this did not help him. Our neighbors informed us that he was getting worse.

We decided to travel from Windhoek to King Kauluma to see him. When we arrived there, his condition was very bad. The following night, at around 11PM, we put him in his room to sleep. After we went to our room, we heard him groaning. We quickly ran to him to see what was going on. We found him struggling for life, and he died in our hands while we were trying to help him. We just looked at each other, and as believers, we decided to pray for him, believing that God will bring him back to life. We placed our hands on his dead body.

As we remember our prayer, we called on the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and William Marrion Branham, to whom God gave this Message that we believe is from His Holy Heaven to glorify His Name. All of a sudden, the man started jerking and came back to life.

We took him to the hospital the same night. The doctor examined him, and everything was normal except his swollen legs and cough. We told them what happened, and they admitted him to the hospital. After three days they sent him back home, normal. May the Name of the Lord be glorified! Amen.

Bro. Pandu & Sis. Illenimo