Do You Fear Cancer?

Brother Branham’s theme song was “Only Believe, All Things Are Possible,” and his Message was “Jesus Christ The Same Yesterday, And Today, And Forever.” If Jesus healed the sick 2,000 years ago, then He can, and will, heal the sick today. If prayers of the saints and believers produced results in times past, we have the same promise of calling Jesus on the scene, if we can only have the key of faith to open that door.

I'm thoroughly convinced that my message comes from God. I'm thoroughly convinced it's not my own fleshly mind puffed up. It's the Word of God.

I'm thoroughly convinced, absolutely convinced, that it's Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today, and forever. I'm thoroughly convinced that He's right here now. I'm thoroughly convinced that He's camped in here. I'm thoroughly convinced that He will answer our prayer, if we'll be concerned, convinced, and open our lives to It. Let's bow our heads.

62-1125m Convinced And Then Concerned

Here is a testimony about a Kenyan brother who received some very serious news from the doctors. Our brother suffered deeply, and as you will soon read, the Grace of our Lord Jesus prevailed. Once again, Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

Just recently, I found this link for testimonies and was greatly encouraged by branham.org. I would like to share about an experience I had a while back which I have spoken to others locally and am now posting online to the wider audience for God's Glory.

Eight years ago I was diagnosed with a brain tumor when it was already at its last critical stage. After a series of examinations and extended periods of ward admissions, the doctors concluded that there's nothing medically they could do to reverse this worsening illness. I had completed the rounds of chemotherapy which took a toll on me, and I was sent home still bedridden, with total memory loss and break down in nervous coordination. Gradually, my five senses gave way to a vegetable state. Being unconscious I could barely believe on healing, and it took my friends, my family, and saints from various places to intercede for encouragement.

For a long time, I was lost in other worlds while having a number of what the medics refer to as Near Death Experiences (NDEs). In the midst of all these, the story of Biblical Job was the only thing that kept coming back to memory. In countless times I went over it until finally, my heart accepted that there is healing. I believe the prayers of saints brought me to the point of faith in Divine healing.

One day I was lying in bed, desperate and crying while feeling the presence of God being so near. I then asked God to take my life for I had suffered much and the unpredictable life seemed such an offensive thing, and whichever way I would still believe He can heal, but I preferred death, and if at all He wants me to live then He can resurrect me. With all the big dreams I once harbored now as vanity, I laid back waiting peacefully for His response.

It was barely a week after the dialogue when one morning I arose and realized things were different that day. It was a miracle that I could come out of bed and walk, talk, and move normally again; Praise God. I eventually resumed college and later worked, but quit employment to work as a missionary. Many things happened that I can’t adequately express in writing, but I always look back to this particular experience that seems to be the foundation of many other supernatural occurrences in my day to day life.

I sincerely thank God for not only the healing, but also for the illness which made me know Him more. I know all things are possible for sure and appreciate every breath I take in His service.

God bless you.

A brother from Kenya