Prayer Cloth

This testimony was sent to us by a sister who had visited the VGR office in Tanzania more than two years ago. At the time, she requested a prayer cloth for herself and for her parents. The office has not been in contact with her since then, until recently when she came to our office in need of a microSD card. It was then that she told of what God had done as a result of that same prayer cloth.

Dear Saints,

I greet you in the precious name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

On January 9th 2016, while cooking with pressure cooker at home, something went wrong with it. It exploded while I was close to it.

I thank the Lord for being there when I was in trouble. The Lord protected my eyes miraculously! He didn't allow the pressure cooker lid to hit me. What was boiling in it poured all over my body as the lid hit the ceiling! You can imagine the pain and the consequences!

My family prayed for me before taking me to the hospital. I was admitted.

My doctor said I will be scheduled for operations on some areas which were highly affected. This troubled me because I did not like the idea of going through operations.

My mother brought me a prayer cloth and pinned it on my pillow, because it could not be placed over my heart. I felt peaceful presence all over me immediately.

Since then l had speedy recovery. This surprised my doctor. At times he would ask, “What makes you recover so quick? I have been administering the same treatment to other patients, but I am surprised of your exceptional recovery."


More and more of my body skin continued to recover by the healing powers of the Healer, the Lord Jesus Christ. What a testimony it was to all those who saw the case in my home area!

I was bedridden from January 6th to the end of March 2017, and was completely healed in April 2017.

I thank the Lord, no operation was ever performed on me. The Lord touched me through the prayer cloth and restored back what the enemy took from me.

Thanks and glory to the Lord Almighty for being in control through it all.

Sis. Phina


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