Prayer Cloth

Now, we know that we're not Saint Paul, but You're still Jesus. It wasn't him in the beginning; it was Christ. And You're the same God working through same instrumentality of man as You were then.

62-1125E The Countdown

This family from Brazzaville, Congo was going through a 10-year trial with their son, until they received a prayer cloth from our office and put Acts 19 into action. Here is their testimony.

I am Brother Gilbert Akambo, father of Josué Akambo in Brazzaville, and I send you this testimony for the glory of God.

From the time of Josué’s birth, his mother has been suffering with lymph node tuberculosis (gradually increasing swelling of one or more lymph nodes. Symptoms include fever, weight loss, fatigue, and night sweats.) The doctors prevented her from nursing the child to avoid contamination.

Unfortunately, the mother still nursed the child, because he did not want the artificial milk. Therefore, the baby boy was contaminated by the breast milk, and he lived for a while with this contamination.

Thirteen years later, the child was showing desperate signs of the disease, and we tried every possible treatment in vain. During the distribution of the SD cards at the VGR office, the Lord inspired me to take a prayer cloth for the sick from the office, and we applied the prayer cloth to the child.

All of a sudden, at the hospital, the same devil who tormented his mother was unveiled, and a few days later, we witnessed the full healing! This thing that was impossible to find for years was made possible by applying the prayer cloth.

God always hears and confirm His Word, may He be forever praised.

God bless you.

Brother Akambo Gilbert

I see two handkerchiefs laying here on the platform—or the pulpit, to be prayed over. Now, that is not a superstition. That’s a Scripture. That’s the Bible. Many of you, maybe, would want a—a prayer cloth. That’s one of the greatest ministries I have now.

61-0521 Show Us The Father

And if you want one, and you have no use for it now, send, get one, put it in your Bible on—on Acts the 19th chapter. It’ll tell you what to do with it. And then keep it there. The little baby gets up some night sick, someone gets hurt, take that cloth and lay it on them, and watch what happens. Just believe. See? And that’ll be your token.

61-0226 Jehovah-Jireh