Stored Up Grain

The Zimbabwe team is on the road again, this time driving three hours to the highland area of Penhalonga.

The team arrived to greet the saints and distribute a very special package. Once the news was given that they too would have this “Little Gem”, the Jubilee was on and there was joy in the camp once again.

The microSD card distribution wheel continues to roll here. After Chivhu, the next pin was dropped on a location named Penhalonga.

Penhalonga is a beautiful area perched deep in the eastern highlands of our country. The brothers had heard that VGR was paying them a special visit so they were definitely looking forward to the arrival. But, what really made expectations to soar the more was the understanding that there was special package for the believers in Penhalonga that was coming with these envoys.

The three-hour drive to Penhalonga was very nice and scenic; the countryside was just arousing early that Sunday morning, and looked fresh and tranquil as we passed on to our destination. Arriving in Penhalonga there was a brother who was standing by the roadside at a junction, holding a Spoken Word book in his hand. We couldn’t miss that blue booklet titled, “When Their Eyes Were Opened They Knew Him.”

He hopped in with us and was our compass, winding up the little road toward the church and the waiting Saints. As the beautiful building came into view we could hear the singing, and feel the wonderful atmosphere; we knew then that we were indeed at the right place. The pastor, Brother Isaac Kufakwemba, gave the VGR team a warm welcome, and set the believers on edge when he promised them that there were good things in store for them today.

He welcomed Brother G who came up and greeted the people warmly. He read the scripture about the vindicated Messenger for our day, quoting Brother Branham’s vision, which God gave him to store up the food and his profound desire to minister again amongst his friends, the people of Africa.

He shared how God in his great plan has made and is even now fulfilling that prophecy, giving the prophet an opportunity to plant the Word Seed in the African field even now, 50 years later. It was wonderful indeed and the saints rejoiced greatly, but that was not all.

Brother Stephen was asked to come up and introduce the microSD card to the hungry bride. There was an uproar in the building, joy unspeakable and full of glory when the believers heard about the contents of the chip and even more so when they learnt that every family would have one card with precious Words from God's servant and prophet translated into Shona in their home, free of charge.

The place resonated with heartfelt delight. Ululating, thunderous applause, hand wave-offerings, loud Hallelujahs and Amens, a standing ovation to The Lord for providing such were the expressions of joy from the believers. The climax of this momentous and wonderful day was when we listened to a translated portion of the Jubilee tape of that very Sunday, 65-0919 - Thirst.

Brother, talk about prophetic ministration, we had that in abundance. Brother Branham preached to us explaining the simple word “Thirst” and expounding the Word with unusual clarity. The atmosphere after the tape was indescribable. A few were at the altar and there was a holy hush, serenity and strong reverence. The pastor came back and encouraged the people, repeating Brother Branham's words this is true. As always when we are on this side of eternity we had to conclude.

The believers were given the VGR mailing list form, which they filled out. In the meantime the trustees quickly got a table and laid it outside to lay everything on. As the saints filed along to hand in their forms and get their ration of Spiritual Food In Due Season, these words from our prophet could best describe the moment…

And it gives me great pleasure to get to see when you know that you have a Message from God, and you give it to the people and see the people respond to That. Then you look back and say, "Thank You, Father." Oh, what a joy it is then to see the children eating the Bread that's been sent to them! You realize that was a vision years ago, right here at this Tabernacle? That's right, "The Bread of Life."


Word after word of thanksgiving continues to ooze from the blessed believers. Immediately after getting her family’s cards, one sister relayed how she had been between a rock and a hard place, “We moved and are currently living at the stand where a house is under construction," She says. “There is no electricity yet.” It burdened her heart so strong when she did not have means to play the tapes. “I could not listen to the tapes or mp3s, as these gadgets required to be connected to power as they played.” She could however charge her phone for daily use, but it had no messages on it. The microSD card was a great relief, and a deep that answered to a deep that had been calling and yearning. She was looking forward to listening with her family, two boys and one girl, and that they would all be able to hear and understand well as the prophet brings The Word.

Trips like this one continue to unveil the real hunger and thirst that is there in the Bride for the Word. Afore times, there were for hindrances for some, as some believers would not be able catch every word because of the tone accent, lack proficiency in the English language, but God as always, has made a way for these precious hungering souls.

Now, there is a Jubilee and the Message is coming in the local language right up to one's doorstep without money without price. Blessed be His Holy Name. We are looking forward to mighty testimonies as the people lay in the presence of the sun.

Thank you for keeping the supply line going, the battle is definitely getting hot and heavy, but with the Word of God we can defeat the devil anywhere, anytime, under any circumstance.

God Bless You

VGR Zimbabwe