The Great Physician

It's either every bit the truth, or none of it is the truth. See? And now, you can take me on record as it's on tape: I make this statement tonight (and remember this), that if you will take the right mental attitude towards any Divine promise that God has made, it'll come to pass. If you can take the right mental attitude towards any of God's Divine promises, He will bring it to pass.

58-0613 The Queen Of The South

This sister had been waiting 10 years for her bundle of joy to arrive, until a trip to the ER revealed that she may never hold her unborn child. It was then that Great Physician stepped on the scene through prayer, along with a declaration of faith from the grandmother that: ALL things are possible.

Last night, I sent a prayer request for a miracle for my daughter. She has been waiting to have a baby for 10 years. Last night at the ER, the doctor examined her and stated that she had lost the baby.

As we awaited the confirmation of an ultrasound, my daughter asked me, "Mom, can you lose this much blood and your baby still be alive?" Without forethought I replied, "I don't know, but all things are possible." After the ultrasound the same doctor reappeared in the room and stated, "I can't explain what happened to you. After 14 years I've never seen this happen. Your baby is fine, totally healthy, and still within the womb.”

The doctor looked stunned, and she said, “It's a Miracle!”

Praise God! He still hears and grants our prayers today!

Sister Johnson

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