A Refuge in Cameroon

Like the refuge towns in the Bible, the Christians’ Camp Bamenda in Cameroon, was a place where believers came from several regions of the country and even Congo Brazzaville, to gather around the Word of God. The rhythm of the camp was the Voice of God in this age, where hearts were renewed and souls became anchored in Christ.

This National Christian Camp inspired by the "Still Waters" camps organized by VGR in the United States was held from the 24th to 30th, July 2017 in the North-West region of Cameroon.

As campers arrived on the eve of the beginning of the camp, their different smartphones were kept for the entire camp period, giving them the opportunity to be totally immersed in the various activities of the camp, free from any distraction.

After the general information, the theme of the camp was then unveiled: "And From That Time." The campers were then expectant to see the new departure that the Lord Jesus Christ would grant them on the occasion of their participation in this Christians’ Camp.

The Camp started on the 24th by listening to a wonderful sermon entitled, 59-1231 "And From That Time." The presence of the Lord could already be felt in the audience at the end of the sermon, several testimonies will confirm it later. The preamble of the precious Brother Joseph Branham made to the Branham Tabernacle on 18/06/17 to introduce Malachi 4 through the sermon 63-0717 "A Prisoner" was listened the next day, with a scenario perfectly illustrating this sermon. This looked like a sealing of the sermon listened the day before in the hearts of the campers who were very receptive to the Word of God.

From tape services to games, through Creations, quiet times, displays, we have experienced the Lord's conduct day after day during the various activities.

The Creation activity on the Stature of the Perfect Man was a great blessing for the various participants who were able to draw on their own the different virtues they wished to see develope in them. The workshop on the creation of the Bible was also a great blessing. A camper said:

"Through this activity, I understood that I have to start all over again."

We thank the Lord for such awareness.

The Trophy of the camp was the six souls who committed themselves to the service of the Lord by taking their baptisms by immersion in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

In addition to these, two other campers decided to resume their baptisms. To do this they were entrusted to their respective churches and pastors.

By the grace of God, Christians’ Camp Bamenda 2017 will forever be engraved in campers' memories as an experience that has changed their lives forever, through divine healings, peaceful times of prayer, tape services, Quiet Times dedicated to getting closer to the Lord Jesus, and through the visitation of the Holy Spirit. We thank the Lord for His leadership in the development of this camp.

We are infinitely grateful to the Lord Jesus Christ for the work accomplished by Brother Joseph and the entire VGR team for the blessing of the Bride throughout the world.



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