Tanzania Missionary Work

Brother Wilfred Mbise, our Tanzania VGR Office Manager said:

Kindly receive the report below on Missionary work conducted at Songea, in Southern Tanzania. God bless you.

In Southern Tanzania, Brother Angelus Haule is our VGR Lending Librarian No.656.

Apart from his duties as a librarian he also serves a Church at Songea town. He travels testifying the Message from the town to the villages. VGR sends him Message books to distribute to his churches, and sometimes he travels to Dar es Salaam and visits the VGR office to supply his library needs.

We have been receiving some brief information and some photos from this brother as he takes the message to the remote villages up to the shore of Lake Nyasa/Malawi. As a result, there are around 15 Message Churches in Songea. Many times he uses his old Suzuki car to travel inland to reach the remote places though he does not always manage to reach the desired villages. At times he travels with a small team of youth, and recently they visited the newly baptized believers to strengthen them through fellowship, responding to their questions in the message on various subjects, stressing the importance of Tape services in order to hear the prophet directly by themselves. In the past, we connected this minister to a market place in Dar es Salaam where he got some players for playing tapes and CDs in some churches in the villages. In one case they were guiding some new believers on how to find answers for questions they had from the COD books. God has enabled this minister to continue reaching most of these churches to encourage the young ministers in there. Photos included with this report show some new believers being baptized at various places. We thank our Lord for ministers like Brother Haule who gives their time to win souls to the Lord.



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