That Voice

The Bible was not written as a history book; it was written to apply to our own lives. Blind Bartimaeus put his faith in the Son of David, and he received his eyesight. The widow woman put her faith in Elijah, and the barrel of meal never went dry until the famine passed. The Shunamite woman put her faith in Elisha, and she received her son back from the dead. As we read these stories, we should put ourselves in the place of the Bible character and have faith that the same God who did those miracles will grant our requests.

The same goes for Brother Branham’s tapes. He does not tell us these stories or have these prayer lines so we can wish we lived in a different time. They are to be applied today. This sister and her husband were battling at many different fronts when they applied what Brother Branham said to their own lives.

May God bless you. I would just like to share an experience I had while listening to a tape at home. 

About a week after we arrived in Canada, the disease began to enter our home. First my husband, then the children, and then me. From that week until today, I suffered from severe headaches that went down to the jaw at eye level and literally prevented me from breathing with both nostrils. One was completely blocked. Sometimes it was so violent that I lost consciousness, but God provided because with two children it wouldn't have been easy. The family encouraged me to go to the emergency room, but hating hospitals, I refused. I took all kinds of tablets (ibuprofen, etc) but always without effect. It was becoming unbearable because I couldn't take care of the house, the children, etc. We tried to hold on to the prayer but between my husband's new job and overtime, plus my headaches, it was really hard. Despite everything, he had decided that we would listen to the tape, "A Greater Than Solomon Is Here” a little every day until the end.

The devil told me, "but why he didn't put a more appropriate tape, like Possessing The Gates Of The Enemy?" But I didn't say anything and tried to follow despite the headaches. I was clinging to a quote here and there. But one day, things were different. From the moment I got up, I felt different. Not that the headaches had gone, no, but I wasn't really paying attention anymore. I took the children from the room, and we started our morning meeting again. I took the Agapao tablet, sang hymns for them, listened to the Quote Of The Day, and then prayed. All day long it was the prophet who preached or sang while I took care of the children and the house. The devil told me "but you don't even listen," but I didn't pay attention to him.

When my husband came home from work, no matter how tired we were, we set aside a time to listen to the prophet. We continued listening every day, and towards the end, Brother Branham asked anyone who wanted to become a true Christian as this deer mother was, to raise her hand. Brother Branham then led the prayer, but the devil came again to overwhelm me with sleep this time. I was starting to sleep when something told me to listen because it could really be for me.

I opened my eyes and my husband (who translated directly into French) had reached the part of the discernment. When Brother Branham said, "there is a little woman sitting here, sitting there, at the back, her hair is dark, there, on the central aisle" something grabbed me and told me it was me. And it surprised me. At the same time Brother Branham continues and says, "Yes, you." I then waited to see the rest of my message and Brother Branham said, “You were surprised when it was said. Now, right now, you're starting to feel a little weird, you know, something really sweet around you. If anyone wants to look, if you can see Her, a kind of Light that looks amber, that descends on the little lady. Now, her problem is that she has headaches that make her suffer a lot. That's it, that's it. If that's it, raise your hand like that. And I've never seen her before in my life. That's true. That's it, that's it. She has headaches that make her suffer, like a migraine, but they will go away. Amen. Believe it or not. Now...""

I didn't jump from excitement or anything, but a joy, a peace, a sweetness, a feeling that I couldn't explain filled my heart. And I smiled because the devil had just lost again. This Message is really adapted to our daily lives and my God takes wonderful care of me. I can face what remains, believing that God will provide again. May God bless you richly.

Your sister in Christ,

Sister Linda