Letters From Prisoners

We all love to read them! Here are a few excerpts from recent letters received by our Prison Ministry.

I came to Christ in 2014 through the teachings of William Branham. All I know about Jesus Christ, I learned through him. Still with many questions, the impact has completely changed my life. The love I feel for Brother William Branham is a love I have never experienced in my life, it is like my heart cries out, I can’t explain it. When I think of the current world situation, my heart breaks at what Brother Branham would feel and say if he was here with us today. I am 33, been in jail since 2007 and will not ever return to the outside world. I will always live with what I have done. I seek forgiveness daily, praying for the ones I have harmed, asking the Lord Jesus to forgive me. By His grace.


Greetings to you in the love found through the Spirit of our Lord Jesus Christ. Our little group here is in prayer for you daily. Though there seems to be a wall between us, the way we view the world and live our lives are similar, as there is only one Holy Spirit living in and guiding both of us. We are both born of His Blood by His Word, sitting under the teachings of His prophet, Brother Branham. Every day we see more and more of his teachings being fulfilled, how glorious for us. Everything we see or hear reminds us of a giant clock ticking off the seconds until we all will be hugging and crying with each other for the miracle that He has performed in our lives. May we keep this fire a blazed and never let it cool. God bless all of you.


I first heard the Voice in 1976, and for the next 3 years, I wanted nothing else but just to rest in that wonderful voice. I remember the day as I was in a discussion with another Christian at the time and another person came up and said, “Listen to this.” I remember the hush at the first word, like the world just stopped. I knew from that time that there was no other. After the three blissful years, I can say that I stopped for a moment. From that time to now, I have been right here. Over the years, I have found books and lost books but I was never without one. Then I was just down to one and could find no more, so I wrote the Store House and you have not failed. I will be leaving soon, this life has not been kind to me. In my body, I am 6 foot but weigh 130, battling cancer. Remember me please. I know in whom I believe, and plan to see you all there.


Our little church at the prison here just went through quite an eye opener in the creation of Adam and Eve. Of course, it was not an apple, and if we were taught so wrong about what about the rest? One brother raised up and said, “If we were so far off at the start, where are we now?” So the Message really started something here, and we need a lot more books. God bless you.


Thank you for the books, I appreciate them so much. I do not have a list but would like you to send more. Any book from Brother Branham helps my understanding so much that whichever you send will be a blessing.


The Spoken Word is God’s Book of His Word for us the lost sheep in these last days. The sheep hear many voices these days, but they know their Master’s voice and they follow no other. I humbly ask that you would honor this sheep with more of the Spoken Word. God’s blessings upon this ministry.


I am a prisoner in New York. When I arrived here, I found a Spanish copy of Brother Branham’s Church Ages in a pile of ‘free’ books. I am of Spanish descent so I took the book and read it through twice. Without a doubt, this is the most inspired book I have ever read. Every question you could have is answered between these covers. My knowledge and understanding of the Word has increased so much. I can say thanks to Brother Branham I have become more intimate than I ever thought possible. I beg of you, please send me more of this Holy Word in English please.


I have been here 18 years. A friend has been sharing Brother Branham’s books that with me. Over the years, I have worn many Bibles out and read many books about the Bible. However, reading Brother Branham’s books I find one truth after another. No one compares to his teachings and you never have to compromise on what he said to make it fit the Scriptures. There are so many subjects that only Brother Branham can go so deeply into and expand my walk and understanding of the Word of God. I thank you for the work of supplying us with the Truth. I will depart soon back to my home in Colombia and when I arrive I would like to have a part in the distribution of the Word of God to my people. God bless you.


Can there be any argument to who Brother Branham is? The beauty and excellence of his words the way he has of bringing the Bible alive. You can read and just picture Jesus Christ standing there. I love every word.

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