Zimbabwe Quiet Time

Youth ranging from adolescents to the mid-teens came from all parts of Zimbabwe for Quiet Time. They journeyed together to encourage each other in their walk with the Lord and connect with the Master.

The following is the latest report from our office in Harare.

It’s become a time that we fondly look forward to, coming together to spend quality time in Quiet Time with our Precious Lord Jesus Christ, and afterward, enjoy some good fellowship with young people of like precious faith at the VGR Office in Harare, an oasis and gathering place for the young eagles to connect with the LORD. This last Saturday, 230 of us assembled together for this very purpose. We gathered into our hall and sang a song, opened in a word of prayer and read the following quote about QT, letting our first-timers in on this daily Christian habit that’s changing us and bringing us closer to the Lord!

Did you ever go out of a morning, after the night has passed, early of a morning? Also it blossoms to give fragrance. And did you ever go early of a morning to the define the fragrance? You find out that early of a morning when you get out, the dew is hanging low, the trees are budding, the blossoms are coming up, and the perfume is… Go along the road and smell the honeysuckles, into the rose garden early of a morning. That’s why, it’s been quiet, nature has, through the night. It got quiet and God bathed it with refreshing.

That’s what you need to do, is get away and get quiet before God, so He can bathe you with the refreshment from Heaven. Amen. Get alone to yourself; close the doors, pull them together, and say, “Now Lord, here I am in Your Presence.”

Notice, also after it was refreshed, after it yielded, these blossoms had also yielded fruit. There’s many people who’s been Christians for years and never won another soul to Christ. They’ve never give a public testimony of their salvation in church or before people, or on the streets; they never testified to a sinner, woman or man in their work or somewhere. They can’t yield fruit, why? They can’t get quiet long enough. You got so many things to do.

56-0213 Hidden Life With Christ

This set us perfectly in line for our personal interviews with the Lord Jesus Christ. We left the hall and settled down in our spots for our one on one interview with Jesus! What an opportunity!

The Lord was gracious and met us individually in a special way. Truly like James 4:8 says, “Draw to God and He will draw nigh to you,” the Lord drew close to us during this special one hour, we couldn’t get enough of Him.

When we came back inside to sing and closed in a word of prayer, our cups continued running over and the Holy Spirit came down in a very special way.

We sang a couple worship songs and slid into a heartfelt time of prayer, pouring our hearts out to the Lord.

We dismissed very half-heartedly and spent the next precious moments eating our snacks and licking the molasses off of each other before dragging our feet trying to get back home. We can’t wait to get back together, Lord willing!

We ALWAYS want to say thank you to YF & Brother Joseph Branham for being inspired to do this for the young people. It is absolutely invaluable and changing lives and encouraging the young people in their daily walk with Christ in this treacherous age!

God bless and reward you, and keep inspiring you to do MORE for the little Bride around the world.