Malawi Distribution: Part 2

The order of our services was quite exciting, before the Agapao Tablets were distributed, we had to inspire the believers by PRESS PLAY, setting the example of how they would do it when they got back to their various homes. The Tape services themselves were an eye-opener to most, especially to those that had never heard the Voice Of God being played before their ears, and after listening to the Prophet preaching to them they were automatically charged, and inspired to do the same in their homes.

After a Tape service, it was visible that the stage was now set and believers were ready to receive the Agapao Tablets; an embodiment of the whole church with the message of the hour right in the home of the believer.

The deafening shouts of ululation, hands clapping, singing and any emotions you would ever think of preceded the receipt of the tablets. It was exciting and inspiring moment, it was an inward expression of what the PRESS PLAY had done in their hearts, this was the same at every place we did the distribution. It was the change of time. Indeed the distribution of the Agapao Tablets has actually ushered in the new era. The whole Message that Brother Branham preached has now been placed in the homes of the believers.

As it has been the vision of Brother Joseph Branham since Voice Of God Recordings was established in 1981, to give people all the Sermons that Brother Branham preached, we thank God that the Agapao Tablet has come to fulfill that vision. We can now smile again as the Agapao Tablet is filling the gap, and now the people that were converted by listening to the tape can now continue listening to that Voice that converted them in their homes. Indeed, the Agapao Tablet has come to finish the job.

The VGR team spent TWO weeks of hard work, long driving, small hours of sleep, but of Supernatural experience with God, in the Central Region doing the distribution work, and a total of 2300 Tablets were handed over. It was a blessing to serve the Bride of the LORD JESUS CHRIST, with the SPIRITUAL FOOD IN DUE SEASON.

From the Central Region the VGR Team moved to the Northern region, to continue with the distribution work. We also hired a box truck to move the 1263 Agapao Tablets to Northern Malawi.

In the Northern Region, we had ONE week of extensive work with more miles to cover than the Central Region, but the experiences were the same. Our Agapao Tablets distribution has left a mark in the hearts of many believers that attended our services, and received their Tablets. We are still receiving testimonies from all the places that we distributed the Tablets of the many things that the Tablets have already started doing in their lives.

The Believers are very thankful to Brother Joseph, and those that sacrificed to buy them the Tablets, words failed them to express their gratitude, and all they expressed was; God Bless Brother Joseph.

Thank you and God bless.

Brother Saidi
Malawi Office Manager



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