Distributing the Manna

And while it's daylight, I think this, I keep this in my mind, and it's good for you dear Christians to remember that this is the only time of all ceaseless ages beyond the time to come, that you'll ever have the privilege of working for Jesus Christ. This is the only day. And we don't know whether we're going to be here tomorrow or not. See? So I believe it behooves us to move with all that's in us and do everything that we can.

56-0403 Shepherd of the Sheepfold

There is a tiny space of time throughout all eternity that the Lord Jesus has given us the privilege of serving Him. What we do with that time is up to us.

Brother Maurice Phiri, VGR office manager in Zambia, and his team aren't wasting a moment. They traveled to northern Zambia with Spiritual Food in hand and had wonderful results. Here is their report. 

Last Friday, the 28th of October 2016, we left our office for a distribution trip in Northern Zambia (Muchinga Province). After a short time, we noticed that our truck had some problems and our trip was going to take longer than expected. We kept trusting the Lord and kept believing that nothing was going to stop this Message from reaching the hands of those predestinated to hear and read what the Lord spoke through his mighty prophet! At 7 pm we arrived at our destination in Isoka, ready for rest, but eagerly anticipating what the Lord was going to do for us tomorrow.

In the morning, our distribution was scheduled at 9:30 AM but the location of the meeting that we had previously secured had somehow managed to be booked at the same time. We knew at that moment the enemy was doing his best to disrupt God’s Program for the day, but as usual, he was late! The Lord quickly moved on the scene and secured another venue for us to be about His Business!

At the meeting, we spoke to the believers about Voice of God Recordings and the importance of the translated Messages in the different languages. We also emphasized the importance of the Tape Ministry and the impact it has around the world. We read the quote where Brother Branham spoke of the languages being translated with machines and tubes in their ears! It truly struck a chord with all who received material from us! And what a blessing it is to see their faces and speak with them about how happy they are to receive the Voice of this time!

All these on tape, Lord, that's listened to the Voice of this time, many different languages, even be translated, may they understand. Many men and women, in little houses, and out in little jungles in Africa, with those little machines with the tubes in their ears, may they hear, Lord, hear. Grant it.

64-0315 Influence

We distributed 252 microSD cards in Isoka, and all the Believers were so grateful to Bro. Joseph, the Voice Of God Recordings team, and all those who support the work.

We then left Isoka and drove for 100km to a town called Nakonde, a border town between Zambia and Tanzania. Here we distributed 151 SD cards, as these believers waited for 3hrs to get hold of the GEM of life in their hands! We closed our distribution program at 7 pm that night, and the next morning we started our trip back home. Along the way, we made several stops to some smaller groups of believers. The first stop was at a place called Mpika, 373km from Nakonde. At this town, we distributed 38 SD cards, and our final stop was in Serenje where we distributed 25 SD cards.

We then drove another 244km from Mpika to arrive at our last stop in Serenje. Here we distributed 25 SD cards.

At 6 pm we left Serenje for Lusaka, drove for 407km to arrive back to Lusaka 11 pm.

I am so thankful to the Lord for the opportunity to see, first-hand, what this precious Message means to the people of Zambia, and I am thankful to the believers who support this work for providing a way that the people of my country have the same opportunity I do, to hear and read this precious Message of God!

Thank you,

Zambia Office