Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee.

Isaiah 26:3

Here is a testimony from a sister in Chile who found the deliverance and strength to bring her out of the dark place that had engulfed her life. Now she has the victory to share with the world.

As a young student, specifically in the eighth year, such negative thoughts arose in my life that made me feel bad about myself, some because of problems with the same classmates, as well as more personal problems.

This caused me to enter into a DEPRESSION. For medicine, depression is defined as a "mental illness or disorder characterized by deep sadness, mood decay, low self-esteem, loss of interest in everything, and diminished psychic functions."

But because of the revelation that God gave a prophet of this age, our Brother Branham, we know that he is a spiritual demon of oppression and sadness.

At that time, I did not understand. I only knew in my mind that everything that happened to me was negative, and that I could not be good at anything. That no one understood me or loved me. I could not even talk to someone for fear that they would not like my way of being.

This made me so afraid of going out and talking to someone that I could not get on a bus or go to school. I still deprived myself of greeting brothers and sisters in the faith and fellowshipping with them. All I wanted was to be alone in my room and cry. I was not hungry and did not want to be with my family; I just wanted to sleep. This also made me disinterested in the things of God.

If I had to go to church, I did it only because my parents took me, but during the worship, my mind wandered everywhere without even listening to the Word. For this reason, my depressed state became deeper, since it distanced me from the Lord, and I literally felt that I was sinking more and more into a pit with no way out.

My parents and family always supported me in everything, and they decided that the best thing was for me to leave school. After this, they had to take me to a psychologist so that she could give me the medical permission, and I could leave the school.

Being in front of the psychologist, I knew that she couldn't help me. I did not even want to tell her what happened to me, until she had to take almost the words out of my mouth to give me the expected medical paper.

Finally, the diagnosis was Depressive Table with anxiety neurosis (which caused me panic attacks).

Until one day my parents asked me to lay hands on me, while they also prayed each day. I cannot say how it happened, but I only know that one day I woke up and I felt different. I felt that everything I had been thinking was unimportant things, that they did not have the weight to make me feel that way. I had read in the Bible that God is the one who rescues your life from the it, that the Lord made us according to His heart and that He is the one who heals us and frees us from all evil.

I understood that we must always be satisfied with how He made us because He is not wrong, that everything we live, whether good or bad experiences, are predestined in our lives and will work for good. I was no longer a 14-year-old girl who just wanted to be confined and sad; now I wanted to know more about that unconditional Friend who was always there with me. I wanted to share my life with my family and friends and to feel that love that had stopped shining.

Clearly it was also a process and a struggle, since always that depressive spirit wanted to return to me, but the more I clung to God, the love of my family, and saints in the faith, that feeling was moving away. Because that demon of depression, all he wants is us to get away from God and fellowship.

If your brother or sister is going through something similar, I can only tell you to ask God for the strength not to hear any thought of negativity in your mind, and while you want to get away, you have to do the opposite. God has been very good to me. He has taken care of me until I reached the altar. He gave me a wonderful husband, and we serve the Lord together. We were married six years ago. We have not yet conceived a child, but the Lord gave us the promise of a baby, and in that we are trusting and waiting in faith.

Cling to the Lord Jesus Christ, and He will take you out of there with His powerful hand. No antidepressant, no psychologist can help you. But a prayer of faith, a praise that renews strength, a word of love and the promises of God; that will always give you the peace that your soul needs.


A Daughter Of God.