Brazil Cub Day

Our VGR Brazil office continues to be very active with the youth in São José Dos Campos with Quiet Times and bistros. Recently, they had a chance to get all of the younger cubs together, and the results were memories that will stay with them for years to come!

On October 6, 2018, we held a very special day for our little ones at the Brazil office. We prepared for them a different day, where they could play, have fun, sing, and above all, listen to Brother Branham.

We took as the theme for this meeting “Redeemed” and we extracted all the text from the 24th edition of the Cub Corner magazine, using the beautiful story of Johnny Crow.

We did our best to make the children feel like they were on a farm with the decor that colored the environment. We created little raven puppets: a puppet to represent the bad farmer, and another one to represent the good man.

We had the presence of 70 children accompanied by their parents or guardians, as well as a team of volunteers who worked hard to organize and carry out the event.

At 8 o’clock in the morning we had the gates open, and you could see the expectation that each one had in the little faces.

The Lord gave us a perfect weather, given that the forecast was 80% rain for this day. It did not rain, the sun did not shine strong, and the weather was perfect for them to run across the lawn all the time.

We prepared a delicious breakfast, with snacks, juices, coffee, and chocolate (the latter they love), popcorn, cotton candy, and much joy.

After breakfast, we sang a little with them, played some games, and they had fun playing ball, playing a memory game, foosball, table tennis, hit the hole, and the game of the nine squares.

Around 10:30 in the morning we took them to a puppet theater. There they were mesmerized, looking at the puppets in an enchanted way.

In the theater we did the scene of Johnny Crow eating at the corn plantation. He was imprisoned by the bad man, getting desperate to fly away and see his friends. The good man came to let him go, but he stilled felt trapped.

There were children who wanted to leave their places to free Johnny Crow; they really were attentive to the theater.

In the end we heard the quote mentioned in the magazine Cub Corner spoken by Brother Branham. The children loved it, but there were also parents who let tears fall from their eyes as the theater unfolded and they heard the prophet of God.

After the theater, we handed them a small bag with the Cub Corner sticker filled with sweets and chocolates to carry as souvenirs.

With the small bag of goodies in their hands, they posed in the scenery made for taking pictures. At the end they were resilient to leave.

Almost finishing, I gathered all the volunteers and thanked them one by one for helping us; they played a very important role and a great job.

God has given us an excellent day with the presence of each child accompanied by his parents. Everyone thanked us for the opportunity, and asked to thank Brother Joseph Branham and the entire VGR team.

God bless you!

Brother Anderson Vieira

Brazil Office