A Present Help

These four sisters kept their testimony, even when they were faced with paying thousands of extra dollars for simply missing their flight. They prayed, and called friends and asked them to pray that this situation would somehow work out for the best.

Since you are reading the testimony on this website, you might guess that yes, it worked out for the best so their simple testimony of the Lord’s goodness could be read by tens of thousands of believers around the world.

I would like to share a testimony that happened a couple weeks ago after a trip to Tucson, Arizona for a friend's wedding. My mom, sisters, and I had enjoyed a great time of faith-building fellowship for a week in Tucson. We stayed until the Monday after the wedding, before returning to Phoenix for our direct midnight flight back to Canada.

When we got in the airport, we were very confused to find that the kiosks weren't working and desks were empty with no attendants. My mom started getting worried that something was not right. Another family came to sign in and had the same issues. The time passed and we realized that our flight had actually been canceled. Instead of a small time change, 11:55pm to 11:45am, it was not just 10 minutes but a full 12 hours AHEAD of our expected flight. It was a shock and a disappointment.

We had been playing volleyball with the other believers when we actually should have been on the flight that morning. We also had not been made aware of this change. That being said, it was partially our fault for not being vigilant about the return time. The devil knows how to make you start doubting!

We had a rough night at the airport, but listening to Brother Branham's voice helped to get us through. We prayed and our friends spread the word so VOG Fellowship (the church they attended in Tucson) and other believers were also praying that God would make a way for us to get home without extra cost. I also put in a prayer request to VGR in Jeffersonville.

As expected, the flight attendants appeared a few hours before the next earliest flight, which left at 11:30am on Tuesday. God gave us the nicest attendant to help deal with our dilemma, and even though her supervisor came over and tried to tell us it was all our fault for missing the flight, I kept praying and believing.

I know we should give Caesar what's Caesar's, but $1,000 per each seat for the four of us was ridiculous. The nice attendant stuck with us and got us on the next flight, FREE OF CHARGE. Also we are pretty sure that there were only five extra seats available, and we needed four!

God showed us His grace and mercy once again. The thankfulness we feel to Him is incredible. Supposedly this is rare for flight companies to give people new seats without charge after missed flights. Praise our God. Brother Joseph was saying that when you really want something or need something, you just stick with it and there's no way you're going to have anything else but what you believe for. There's no fear.

That's what we felt that morning in the airport. We had no doubt and God gave us the faith we needed! I am thankful for this living Message.

God bless you!

Sister Kingston

Ontario, Canada