The Malawi Team

Brother Saidi, VGR office manager in Malawi, is constantly “about the Father’s business.” Whether it is translations into Chichewa, office duties, or Young Foundations gatherings, he never seems to rest. And then, there are his weekends…

Brother Saidi and a team of talented musicians head off into the villages of Malawi to share a special Voice that means so much to them. They set up their speakers, PA system, and instruments, and then they send out their call to the villagers with some of the most beautiful music that can be heard with human ears. Once the stage is set, they introduce the guest speaker: the prophet of the hour, William Marrion Branham. Brother Saidi and his team have baptized thousands of new converts and have seen new churches rise up all over Malawi.

But that’s not all!

The team also uses their resources to promote unity among churches that have already accepted the Malachi 4 Message. Whether it’s preaching to sinners, distributing Message material, or encouraging consecrated believers, there is one thing that always accompanies the Malawi team: the Voice.

The following are some pictures and videos of a meeting where three churches came together in sweltering heat (107 degrees F or 42 degrees C) to fellowship, sing, and listen to Brother Branham bring the Message.



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