A Zimbabwe Jubilee

Our International VGR offices are constantly on the move. It may be their daily office tasks, missionary distribution trips, or orchestrating ongoing YF events with their surrounding youth; but there is always something to do. We hope you enjoy a look into a recent Zimbabwe youth experience.

The Lord was gracious to us this year to give us another time where we could meet and have an interview with the Lord Jesus Christ, one-on-one, during QT. The time as always was very special, and being able to be together and share it with our fellow brothers and sisters made it the more distinct. We had a special time of prayer after-ward, and the Lord was truly in our midst.

After sometime of fellowship and snacks, we gathered around the bonfire and sang praises to the Most High God who is our Father. The memories of that evening will long remain an encouragement to us. The effects of spending time together will sustain us for a very long time, as we gathered with fellow eagles who are fighting the same storms, but are being taught by the Word to set their wings and soar, despite the odds.

We are truly privileged to have received Christ through this Message, and to have one another as gifts from God to each other. As the times get wickeder by the day, the young people are uniting with Christ, The Word, and with one another as the body of Christ; encouraging and being encouraged to press the battle.

This YF event is one of the many blessings that God is blessing the youths in Zimbabwe with to “encourage young believers in their walk with Christ.”